I Sea Tempura Shrimp review + how to make a sushi roll with it

Now that there is an Amazing Oriental supermarket in the city center of Rotterdam, I have been there many times to find new products to try out. One of them is this box of I Sea Tempura Shrimp.

I Sea Tempura Shrimp from Amazing Oriental

The I Sea tempura shrimp has a very crispy and thin tempura coat. You can even eat the tail if you want to. The shrimp inside has a nice bite and it tastes very similar to the long and thin, sweet shrimp that you get on top of sushi. It has the same sweetness and softness.   

I Sea Tempura Shrimp fried

Although the box of I Sea Tempura Shrimp is quite small, I could make a whole plate of tempura shrimp with it. In the picture, there is about 30 of them and I think I ate a few already, before I took the picture (how could I resist?). 

a mountain of I Sea Tempura Shrimp

How to make tempura shrimp sushi rolls

The I Sea tempura shrimp is also great to create tempura shrimp sushi rolls (aka hosomaki) with. Cook the sushi rice according to the instructions on the packaging. While the rice is cooking, fry the tempura shrimp and let is cool down for a bit. Afterwards, cut the nori sheets (with a pair of kitchen scissors or a sharp knife) in the middle, creating rectangular nori sheets. After the rice is done, mix some sushi vinegar through it, and let it cool down on a wide plate. You don't want it to turn entirely cold, but about a bit warmer than room and/or body temperature. This is for it to keep being sticky enough and to not melt the nori sheet.   

The I Sea tempura shrimps have the perfect size to exactly fit two fried shrimps in one roll. It is best to keep the tails on the outside, not only for it to look prettier, but also to avoid having a large gap in the center of the sushi roll.

how to make tempura shrimp sushi roll hosomaki

I cut the sushi roll in 6 equal pieces and underneath, you can see three pieces with one tempura shrimp in them. Even though the fried shrimp had cooled down, it was still a bit crispy. The tail that was sticking out of the sushi roll also looked very pretty on the serving plate.

tempura shrimp sushi roll hosomaki

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