Asian favorites - Teriyaki chicken with noodles

Every once in a while, I am so busy that I don't have the time and energy to make a proper meal. Instant noodles is one of my unhealthy food cravings, but I allow myself to eat them once or twice a week. Mostly, I have them for lunch, as they are often not very filling. To make them a bit more healthy and filling, I sometimes add a can of corn or baby corn and a can of tuna, to the soup. Recently, I discovered this box of Asian favorites - Teriyaki chicken with noodles at the Action store.        

Asian favorites teriyaki chicken with noodles instant microwave box

The Asian favorites meals have a cool Chinese takeaway box and you can even put the box in the microwave. Before you do that, you need to take these two bags out of the box first. In the bag on the left, is the sauce with a small amount of vegetables, chicken bits, and shiitake mushrooms. In the bag on the right, is obviously the noodles. You need to put the contents of the two bags in the box, close the box, and let it heat up in the microwave (2 minutes, 800 w).  

asian favorites teriyaki chicken with noodles two bags

After taking the box out of the microwave (be careful, as it gets very hot!), you need to take your chopsticks (or a fork) to mix up the noodles and the sauce. It will look like this. 

Asian favorites teriyaki chicken with noodles ready to eat

What do I think?

Since they said that it has a teriyaki sauce, I expected a brown sauce, but it looks more like tomato sauce to me. It actually tastes a bit like a bland, Chinese sweet and sour sauce. Even though it has three chili peppers on the front of the packaging (representing how spicy the meal is), it is not spicy at all. I do like the flavors, so it is not a deal breaker. 

Edit: a reader told me that the chili peppers are uncolored, so it means that it is not spicy. 

There are only about 3 small pieces of chicken in there (comparable to the size of a raisin), but they do have a chicken flavor and a chicken meat texture, unlike the freeze dried chicken bits that you often get in instant noodles. It is also not super dry, so it is reasonable for microwave food. There are also some bits of vegetables and shiitake mushrooms, but they are too tiny to really taste them.

I was really surprised by the noodles, as they were as chewy as fresh udon noodles. It is hard to believe that this came out of a microwave. I also didn't get a strange aftertaste or a super dry feeling in the mouth, after eating the noodles.

The Asian favorites - Teriyaki chicken with noodles are great when you don't have much time, as it is quick to make, you get a warm meal (important with the cold weather now), and you don't have to wash dishes afterwards too. You can just rinse the chopsticks or fork off with some hot water and a little bit of dish washing liquid. It is a good alternative, if you have become sick of eating cup noodles all the time.  

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