Review: Xenos piping gel decorating pens

For Valentine's day, I actually also planned to post about these Xenos piping gel decorating pens that I found in my room. I bought these a long time ago for €0.25 each to decorate muffins or chocolates with, but after one try, it turned out that these decorating pens are all transparent, except for the white pen with the lemon flavor. I didn't know how to use these properly, so I just put them away for later.

Xenos piping gel decorating pens: lemon, banana, strawberry, grape, and blueberry

When I found them again they were already past expiration date, but I wanted to at least use them once, before I throw them away. It would be a waste of food to try them out on an actual cake, so I decorated on a white plate. No matter what, it is always better to practice a bit on a white plate before you draw with them on the actual cake. You need to figure out how hard you should squeeze the tube and how far you need to be away from the surface to create a pretty line.

Xenos piping gel decorating pens squeezed on plate

From left to right: purple (grape flavor), white (lemon flavor), blue (blueberry flavor), yellow (banana flavor), and red (strawberry flavor). 

Strangely, the purple decorating pen turned out green (a beautiful one though!) and it was already like this, before it was past expiration date. The red decorating pen was very watery and I couldn't really use it for decorating. However, I was surprised by the beautiful sea blue pen and the transparent, crystal like pen (which was actually supposed to be yellow). The white decorating pen looks a bit like moist egg white.   

This is my first attempt.

flower and fruit drawing made with Xenos piping gel decorating pens

I was thinking about creating a fruit and flower garden, but the red pen was too watery so the apple turned into a pear. ^_^

This is my second attempt.

bracelet and flowers with Xenos piping gel decorating pens

This one has a Valentine's day theme with pretty flowers and a charm bracelet. As you can see, I got more used to using the decorating pens.


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