Rimmel Provocalips 550 - Play With Fire review

The new Rimmel Provocalips promises to be kiss proof, transfer proof, and trouble proof. It lasts up to 16 hours, giving you a weightless and non-drying color on the lips. That sounds very promising, doesn't it?

I have heard of something like this before with Korean brands, such as the Missha M ever lasting lacquer rouge & lip top coat and the Clio Lipnicure (which I still have to review). I dislike wearing lipstick as it gets everywhere and you need to do touch-ups every now and then, so a kiss-proof lip product is like godsent to me. The only reason why I didn't buy them in all colors, is that I have heard from people that they can be very drying. For someone like me that has dry lips and is a heavy user of lip balm that doesn't sound very good. So, I was very curious to see if the non-drying claim of the Rimmel Provocalips holds. There are 6 colors to choose from and I tried out the Rimmel Provocalips in the shade 550 - Play With Fire. 

Rimmel Provocalips 550 - Play With Fire review and swatches

Rimmel Provocalips*, €11,99
Available in 6 colors: Dare to Pink (pink), I'll Call You (mauve), Little Minx (fuchsia), Kiss Me You Fool (red), Play With Fire (vampy red), and Skinny Dipping (nude).
Step 1: lip color (4ml) and Step 2: glossy top coat (3ml)

I decided to try out the darkest shade (Play With Fire), since it is the kind of color that you really want it to stay kiss-proof for the whole day.

There are two steps: first you apply the lip color and after it has dried, you seal the color with the glossy top coat.

Rimmel Provocalips 550 - Play With Fire intense colour applicator

The glossy top coat looks very waxy and Vaseline like at first glance, but it feels very light-weight, non-sticky, and comfortable on the lips.

Rimmel Provocalips 550 - Play With Fire Lock & Shine applicator

I really liked the Rimmel Provocalips 550 - Play With Fire on my lips after the first step. It has a very pretty matte red color, but after just one minute, my lips felt extremely dry and I needed to put the glossy top coat on as fast as possible. It was also a bit hard to remove mistakes. My advise would be to color the inner parts of your lips first and then work your way outwards. It is also nice to have a cotton pad with some oil-based remover (the only way you can remove it with) stand-by, when it goes very wrong.   

Rimmel Provocalips 550 - Play With Fire matte and glossy lip swatches and full face

After applying the glossy top coat, my lips immediately felt more comfortable. The glossy top coat doesn't stay glossy for a long time, so rather than touching up the color, you need to touch up the glossy top coat for your lips to stay glossy and hydrated.  

What do I think?

I put the Rimmel Provocalips through a sea salt potato chips test (as in: scrub-like salt and oily chips) and it came out unharmed. There was only a small, triangular shaped part that "chipped" in the inner part of my bottom lip, but it was barely noticeable. By the end of the day, the color stayed on my lips quite well. I think it helped that I applied two coats of the lip color. The first time, it didn't stick on the inner parts of my lips very well, so after it properly dried, I applied another layer. My lips did feel a bit dry and wrinkly after some time, but then again, I didn't apply the glossy top coat during the day. I think that by applying the glossy top coat every now and then, it could improve the hydration and longlastingness. 

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