What I did this winter (2014/2015)

As a break to all my beauty reviews, I thought it would be nice to share some of my personal pictures of what I did this winter. I often make pictures and not always do they end up on my blog (on time). So, just to not let them go to waste, I will share some of them in this blog post.

chocolate bars: Hands off my chocolate (White Meets Milk and Double Dark) and Tony Chocolonely (milk chocolate pecan marshmallow)

These chocolate bars from the Dutch brands, Hands Off My Chocolate and Tony Chocolonely, are what I got for the Dutch holiday, Sinterklaas. I got them in the flavors White Meets Milk, Double Dark, and milk chocolate pecan marshmallow. 

As I have mentioned in the "HEMA Sinterklaas 2014 snacks" blog post, I was at the Schiphol airport around that time and I saw these Sinterklaas decorations. 

Sinterklaas versieringen op Schiphol airport

I have never seen the throne and the horse of Sinterklaas so up close before. I almost felt like a little kid again. ^_^

 troon van Sinterklaas op Schiphol airport

At the Schiphol airport, I also saw this sign behind the Burger King restaurant. I didn't know that they had King Deals there too. It is quite a good deal, as you can't really get something to eat and drink for such a low price anywhere else at the airport. I often feel very nauseous and hungry after an 11-hour flight to/from Hong Kong, so I mostly order a small bag of fries at the Burger King. As strange as it may sound, when I feel sick, I only have an appetite for fries and/or potato chips. I don't know if it is only with me, but cola actually helps against nausea too. ^_^

Burger King King Deals at Schiphol airport

This winter, I had some train tickets left and I heard that there was a luxurious mall called New Babylon behind The Hague train station, so I went to have a look. 

New Babylon shopping mall in the Hague

It looked very impressive from the outside.

Entrance of the New Babylon shopping mall in the Hague

The interior looked very beautiful too and the people shopping there can use the toilets for free. I think the idea was very good, but it failed a bit in execution as the stores are not unique or attractive enough to pull in a crowd. It was very quiet there, even though it was a Sunday afternoon.

New Babylon Spar supermarket: Tony Chocolonely chocolate bar for 1 euro

On the large screen above the entrance, I saw that the Spar supermarket inside had a special deal: a Tony Chocolonely chocolate bar for 1 euro. When I went there, they told me that they only had a limited amount and the chocolate bars were long sold out. They suggested to come back again right when they open. I don't live in the neighborhood, but if you do, you know what to do, if they have this deal again.

Aquafresh Complete Care Original toothpaste and tooth brush

For my blog, I received the new Aquafresh Complete Care Original toothpaste and a tooth brush*. The toothpaste has the signature blue and red stripes. I have tested it for about a week now and my teeth feel very clean. So far so good. :)

Aquafresh Complete care original toothpaste

During the winter, I also had a lot of soup accompanied by hot dogs. I actually placed half a Dutch "rookworst" in a quarter of a French bread, but in the picture, it looks very small. ^_^

 stokbrood met rookworst en tomatensoep | french bread with sausage and tomato soup

My mom also kept making delicious food on Sundays. Last time, she made these pumpkin mochi with red bean filling and also some with a savory filling.

making pumpkin mochi with red bean filling

Isn't the golden yellow color very beautiful? I especially like the small strings of orange pumpkin in the dough.   

pumpkin mochi with red bean filling

For Christmas, we bought two of these Albert Heijn boxes containing all the ingredients to make the Christmas cake in the picture. 

Albert Heijn Feest favoriet mix voor bitterkoekjestaart

For upcoming Valentine's day, I received the I love.... Raspberry & Blackberry bubble bath & shower crème and body lotion* in cute mini bottles of 60 ml. They both smell like sweet raspberries with a slight bitter, blueberry end note. However, the body lotion also has a very strong coconut oil scent, but it is the fruity scent that lingers on the skin. 

I love ... Raspberry & Blackberry bubble bath and shower crème and body lotion

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