Albert Heijn moestuintjes - my mini vegetable garden

Not too long ago, the Albert Heijn supermarket gave away free "moestuintjes" (little pots with enough soil and with vegetable, fruit, or herb plant seeds in them), when you buy over a certain amount. Readers that have been following me since way back might have read in one of my earlier blog post, "Growing vegetables and fruit", that I find growing plants very relaxing. Not just sakura, also small plants coming out from the soil gives me a Spring feeling, like everything is starting anew again. When I saw that I collected a lot of Albert Heijn moestuintjes with many vegetables and herbs that I have never planted before, I really wanted to give it a try. So, let me now show you my mini vegetable garden.

Albert Heijn moestuintjes: rucola, broccoli, aubergine, spinazie, prei, celderij, en andijvie | arugula, broccoli, egg plant, spinach, leek, celery, and endive

I planted arugula, broccoli, egg plant, spinach, leek, celery, and endive. 

As I suddenly decided to plant them, I needed to create a tray with a cardboard box and a plastic bag. ^_^ You also get a cute little name plate for the plants with space to write down when you planted them and when you should change pots. I planted them all the same day, so I only wrote the date on the name card of the egg plant.  

Albert Heijn moestuintjes aardetablet

I am still amazed by the soil tablet that was included. I added a little bit of water (100 ml) and it was enough to fill the whole little pot. 

Albert Heijn moestuintjes andijvie komt op

The first two plants that peeked through the soil were the arugula and the broccoli (left), and not too long after, I started to see the spinach and endive (right) come out.

Albert Heijn moestuintjes eerste vier

You can see them better in this picture that I took a few days after.

Albert Heijn moestuintjes rucola en broccoli verpot

My mother was very impatient again (and she thinks that I am a total slow poke ^_^), so she depotted the arugula and broccoli way ahead of the recommended time that was written on the back of the name plate. Luckily, they kept growing healthily. You can see how they turned out later on.

Albert Heijn moestuintjes spinazie komt op

Everything was going great, but I strangely only got two spinach plants. I hope that this is normal and that they will grow bigger and get with more leaves later, or else I will have to make a spinach salad with only four leaves. ^_^

Albert Heijn rucola en broccoli

The arugula is getting very tall now and some more broccoli plants came up, after most were moved to a larger place.  

Albert Heijn moestuintjes prei | leek

After 10 days, I also started to see the leek come up right in the corner.
Albert Heijn moestuintjes prei klein
Albert Heijn moestuintjes prei gegroeid

For a second, I thought they were spring onion, but they are really going to turn into large leeks.

Albert Heijn moestuintjes prei en selderij

After 13 days, the celery come up. I think they look a bit like small tadpoles.  

Albert Heijn moestuintjes broccoli
Albert Heijn moestuintjes broccoli derde blad

The broccoli grew the most out of them all, as they already started to get the third leaf and became really big. 

Albert Heijn moestuintjes alles uitgekomen

In the left picture, you can see all the plants (except for the egg plant), and in the right, you can see the picture that I took yesterday with the egg plant that came out.

From left to right and top to bottom:
leek, cellery, broccoli, egg plant, arugula, spinach, and endive. 

I am really curious to see how they will grow further. ^_^

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