HEMA press day S/S 2015: Beauty

Yesterday, I was invited to the HEMA press day (in Dutch: HEMA persdag) S/S 2015 and I had seen a lot of interesting products that will be released. I took so many pictures that I decided to sort them in different categories: Beauty, Easter + Easter Food, Fashion, Food, Gifts, Gift wrapping, Home Decor, and Stationery. I am starting with the Beauty category, as I saw so many great beauty products that I cannot wait to share them with you.

HEMA press day S/S 2015: Beauty

I am the most curious about these HEMA Fabulous liquid lipsticks (€4,50). The picture underneath shows you all 12 shades. The picture is a bit overexposed, but the differences between the shades are very visible. I purposely placed them this way so that you can see all shades clearly and in one picture.

All 12 shades of the HEMA Fabulous liquid lipstick

I found another picture that I took more in the shade and you can see that the HEMA Fabulous liquid lipsticks have very pigmented and lipstick like shades. It has a sweet scent and an applicator similar to the one of a lip gloss. 

HEMA Fabulous liquid lipsticks

HEMA is also going to release 8 shades of these HEMA Soft Matt lip balm crayons. The name seems to be a bit contradicting, as lip balms generally aren't matte. I am really curious to see how it looks like on the lips. I have taken a look at the crayon tip and it was glossy and balmy like the Clinique Chubby Sticks, so it would be amazing to see it dry up matte. My favorites would be no.4, no.5, and no. 6 (counting from the left and it is the actual number on the cap). They are just €3,50 each, so you don't have to feel guilty for buying more than one. 

HEMA Soft Matt lipbalm 8 shades

It was originally placed randomly like the previous HEMA Fabulous liquid lipsticks and I took some time to place them next to each other according to the number and with the product name facing the front, like in the picture. Since it took me quite some effort, I decided to keep it this way so that other bloggers can benefit from it too. I hope they were able to take clear pictures of these, just like me.

HEMA S/S 2015 nail polishes

Besides the lip products, I also found a large collection of new HEMA nail polishes.

HEMA S/S 2015 nail polishes: pink theme

First, there are 10 pink-themed nail polishes in the HEMA Beauty Pink Flirt collection and you can see my top 5 selection underneath. Nine of them (minus the pink glitter top coat) are inspired by the HEMA fabulous fluid lipstick shades to match your nails perfectly with what you have on your lips.

my top 5 of the HEMA S/S 2015 nail polishes pink theme

There are also two new nail polish lines: Exotic and Pearl. As the name suggests, the Exotic line has bright and exotic colors and the Pearl line has nail polishes with a pearly finish.

A range of beautiful blue and greens.

HEMA Long Lasting nail polishes Exotic and pearl - greens and blues

The left three HEMA Exotic nail polishes contrast with the almost nude toned HEMA Pearl nail polishes.

HEMA Exotic and Pearl nail polishes

I also saw these 4 HEMA top coat - Dots nail polishes with round glitters in orange, blue, pink, and purple. There seems to be 9 of these in total, but they weren't available to show them on the press day yet. In the background, you can also see the HEMA Double Wear eye pencil (€4) in 14 different green and blue nuances. You can use them as a waterproof eyeshadow as well as an eyeliner.

HEMA Top coat - Dots nail polishes

There is also the HEMA Jelly Beans nail polish - Matt. Again, very contradicting words. I expect nail polishes with the name Jelly Beans to be glossy and slightly transparent like a jelly bean, but these 4 nail polishes actually have a matte finish. There seems to be 21 colors, but for now, I am very tempted to get the pink and purple ones.   

HEMA Jelly Beans nail polish matt

I actually have a funny story to share that came from taking this picture above. At the time, there were a lot of people surrounding the nail polish table (some getting their nails painted and some hearing the story behind the nail polishes). Just before, I was checking the pictures that I had taken and the one with the HEMA Jelly Beans - Matt nail polishes were a bit too dark. So, I went back there and after finding out that there was a lack of space to take a picture, I moved these nail polishes to the table right next to it, which was more quiet. Suddenly, I heard behind me: "I think I am missing a couple of nail polishes, where did they go?" I was too shy to tell her that I was standing right behind her - back to back almost - and taking pictures of them. >_< To avoid her thinking that I tried to sneak them out of the venue, I quietly placed them back on the table, when she wasn't looking.

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