HEMA press day S/S 2015: Easter decorations

I happened to have visited a HEMA store today (somehow there are two HEMA stores in close vicinity of the Albert Heijn supermarkets that I frequently visit). I went in there to have a peek and see whether any of the new HEMA products that I have seen at the HEMA S/S 2015 press day have made it to the stores yet. The only new products that I was able to spot were the bright Easter products. So, I decided to show you the pictures of the new HEMA Easter products today.

I really was in the impression that this was a real brown bunny for a second. The expression and the pose that the bunny has, are very realistic. It is actually a Easter decoration that you can place on your Easter breakfast table. You can also buy it in pink and the price is €3.

HEMA brown easter bunny decoration

 You can see the brown bunny from the front in this picture underneath.

HEMA easter chocolate eggs, napkins, bunny ear hairband, pink bunny candle

In the picture above, you can also see the HEMA easter chocolate eggs, napkins (did you see the cute red bunny?), pink bunny ear hairband, and pink bunny candle. For small children or Easter picknicks, these HEMA Easter themed paper plates and bowls underneath would be very helpful.

HEMA easter paper plate and bowl napkins

The pink bunny shaped candle that you saw in one of the previous pictures also comes in the shape of an egg and chicken and in the colors: pink, white, yellow, and mint green. Underneath, you can see the bunny candle in mint green and the egg candle in pink, right behind it.

HEMA petit fours, chick decorations, egg candles, paper house, bunny candle

There are also lots of baby chick decorations, egg shaped candles in an egg carton, small painted wooden egg decorations, and an Easter paper house with chocolates inside.

While it is Chinese tradition to have sakura tree branches in the house during Chinese New Year (like I did this year), the Dutch keep tree branches in a vase during Easter. It signifies the beginning of Spring, when the bare tree branches will be decorated with green leaves and flowers again, after a long and cold winter. We call these tree branches "paastakken". As bare tree branches don't look that nice in the house, it is custom to decorate them like a Christmas tree. Naturally, the decorations have an Easter theme.

HEMA paastakken decorations: glitter eggs, honeycomb eggs, butterfly lights, and baby chick

 Even the yellow baby chick in the right is impressed by the cool, blue glitter Easter egg hanger. ^_^

To stay in the Easter mood, check out the delicious HEMA Easter food

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