HEMA press day S/S 2015: Easter food

Even though the HEMA Easter decorations are really cute, I still think the highlight of the HEMA Easter collections are always the cakes, pastry, and other delicious food. Make sure you have already eaten before you look at these pictures, as it is bound to make you drool. ^_^

HEMA petit fours and chocolate chicks with metallic wrapper
Really cute HEMA Easter petit fours

HEMA Easter cake with yellow and pink chocolate flakes

This Easter cake looks a lot like last years, only the illustration on top is different. There's also a stacked strawberry-pistachio cake and a yellow, chocolate flake bombe.
HEMA stacked strawberry-pistachio cake and a yellow, chocolate flake bombe

These special edition HEMA tompouces are just like last year's (in advocaat and raspberry flavor I think?), but I still haven't tried one before. It is a bit difficult to eat, when you are holding a camera and I don't visit the HEMA store, that is large enough to have a pastry section, often. Easter is long past, when I remember to go buy some Easter tompouces. 

HEMA Paas Easter tompoucen advocaat en frambozen

HEMA Easter chocolates yellow and white chickens

Cute chicken shaped chocolates in white and yellow

HEMA chocolate Easter bunnies with metallic wrapper

 I used to love these chocolate Easter bunnies as a kid.

HEMA bunny and egg shaped cookies, confetti cakes, bon bon, chocolate eggs, dutch ladies fingers

There are also the special HEMA Easter bunny and decorated egg cookies, the Dutch ladies fingers cookies (in Dutch: bokkepootjes) in festive yellow instead of the usual chocolate brown, the confetti cakes, chocolate eggs, and chocolate bunny bonbons.

Alter enjoying all these delicious Easter treats, be sure to leave some space for Easter breakfast. You definitely need these HEMA Easter breads (not really visible, but besides the round breads, there are also bunny shaped ones!) and the large chocolate chicken on your breakfast table.

HEMA Easter breads bunny shape and chocolate chicken

To eat with the HEMA Easter raisin bread, there is this detailed piece of butter in the shape of a lamb. 

HEMA Easter raisin bread and detailed lamb butter

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