HEMA press day S/S 2015: Gift wrapping

As you might have read in my "HEMA press day S/S 2015: Gifts" post, HEMA now has a large variety of small gifts, called "blijmakers", and of course, they need pretty gift wrapping too. I am not talking about those standard gift bags and gift wrapping in only a few colors. They are as fun and funky as what is meant to go inside.

First, we have this flowery gift bag with the shiny, bronze print, "Hip Hip Hurray for Today", and the mint green, round hat box. At the bottom, you can get a glimpse of a brown box with a printed white ribbon and a paper gift bag with black polka dot print. 

HEMA flowery gift bag with bronze print and mint green, round hat box

Underneath, you can see a smaller version of the flowery gift bag, but then, with the metallic red print, "Great Gift'. There is also a white gift bag with a colorful confetti print and a pink gift bag with the quote "It's a good day for my favorite everything" (€0.50).

HEMA flowery metallic red print pink quote white confetti gift bags

There is also this brown, paper gift bag with mint polka dots, surrounded by the HEMA On The Go travel products that I have already partially shown you in the "HEMA S/S 2015: Stationery" post. The products all have at least a bit of mint in them, so it matches well with the gift bag.

HEMA brown paper gift bag with mint green polkadots

Besides gift bags and gift boxes, HEMA has also created fun window bags, which has a print in the inside and a transparent front. The prices for a set of 6 window bags + matching stickers are: small (€0.50), medium (€1), and large (€2). At the event, I wasn't sure if the matching gift stickers come along with it or that you still need to go buy it separately, but they are so cute that I was willing to pay for them too. I couldn't believe that all the stickers (in all sorts and shapes!) that you see on the window bags are actually from HEMA too.

HEMA pink confetti window bag with mint gift sticker and round star

Above, you can see a gift idea for your mother: with fizzy bath tablets, a face mask, and a tin with fun plasters. It's inside a pink confetti window bag and with a gift label sticker and a round, pink sticker with a star.

HEMA brown black polkadot window bag metal basket diagonal black stripe mini bag

In the HEMA copper basket, you can see a brown, black polkadot, window bag with a cute, mint, "with love", ribbon sticker and a small, diagonal black stripe window bag with a "for you" medal sticker and a "congrats" pink ribbon sticker.

HEMA earphones paris travel themed window bag and stickers

These Paris and travel themed window bag and stickers are really cute too.

HEMA confetti window bag with blue background pocket nail files hand cream peach lip balm tin

The confetti window bag is also available with a blue background. The HEMA pocket nail files with pink ribbon print, hand cream, and peach lip balm tin inside are great as a small gift.

HEMA heart charm bracelet pink diagonal stripe window bag

There is also a diagonal stripe window bag in pink and the gift box with the bracelet inside is also from HEMA.

HEMA red ribbon window bag Takkie USB stick

Lastly, there is also a window bag with ribbon print and matching ribbon stickers. Inside, there is a cute HEMA Takkie (black, cartoon dog) USB stick.

HEMA cylindrical tin with diagonal stripes heart lid and pink square tin

You can also store precious items (or home-made cookies!) in these cute tins. in the picture, you can see a cylindrical tin with diagonal stripes and a heart on the lid (€6) and a pink, square tin with the quote, "Today, you will have the best day ever. Really" (€3). Just looking at this, should make anyone's day.

HEMA also created cute message board cards (€2 each). Instead of large and hard to store guest books, you can now have friends and guests write congratulatory messages on small notes inside a message board card that is as hard as a book cover. There are many different kinds: "Happy Birthday", "Good luck", "3D Birthday cake", "Have a nice trip", "Congratulations with the birth of a baby", and "3D cookie box".

HEMA message board cards happy birthday good luck

HEMA message board "Happy Birthday" with flags garland

You are supposed to write messages inside the flags on the garlands.

Underneath, you can see the "Congratulations with the birth of a baby" message board (you can hang the baby clothes shaped message cards on the washing line) and the 3D cookie box with cookie shaped message cards. 

HEMA message board congratulations with birth baby and cookie box

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