HEMA press day S/S 2015: Home decor

I was very impressed by the home decorations at last year's HEMA press day, so I really wanted to see what they came up with this year.

HEMA plaids, pillows, side table, and vases

The first things that caught my eye are the HEMA plaids and pillows with adorable dotted lines print. The round side table is also really pretty with the vases. 

HEMA plaid, pillow, side table, and vases

HEMA plaid dotted lines grey, €6.95 (also available in grey, mint, coral, and ivory)
HEMA pillow dotted lines ivory (30x50 €6.95 and 50x50 €8.95)
HEMA side table (50x50x50, in grey, white, and green), €34,95
HEMA vases (available in 10,11,13, and 20 cm high), 10-13 cm €3.95 and 20 cm €11.95

HEMA side table, vases, house shaped candles and tulips.

HEMA traditional Dutch house shaped candles (also available in tulip, flower, and heart shape and in white, grey, orange, and green), €5

I also found this lost pillow on the floor with colorful rain drops and blue clouds. 

HEMA pillow case colorful rain drops and blue clouds

HEMA garden essentials

HEMA garden essentials

HEMA green cool box, €15
HEMA small garden rake and scoop, €3.95
HEMA grow your own lucky clover pot (also available for strawberry, sunflower, and tomato), €2.50
HEMA grow your own herbs (Coriander, Basil, and Parsley) pots, €2.50
HEMA bamboo pot (€3.95) and saucer (€0.95)

Cute and funky decorations

I think I have seen this note board on Pinterest before. It is basically a picture frame with a canvas back board and two wires attached, so that you can pin and hang small cards on it. It is great that you can now buy it ready-made at the HEMA stores.  

HEMA noteboard

HEMA noteboard, €9

To pin and hang notes, you will need these HEMA jars filled with pins and mini pegs.

HEMA Treasure your memories with push pins and with wooden pegs

 HEMA Treasure your memories with push pins and with wooden pegs, €2 each

I have never seen such colorful candles before and in cute shapes like an Eiffel tower, star, and a pineapple. You might have already seen a glimpse of these in my HEMA press day S/S 2015: Gifts post.

HEMA colorful candles in glass, eiffel tower, star and pineapple shape

HEMA candles in glass, big one or set of two mini ones (both €3 each)

I also found these beautifully decorated milk bottles, which should make any milk taste better in the mornings.

HEMA decorated milk bottles

HEMA decorated milk bottles

HEMA picture products

HEMA is offering mobile printing services and you can print the pictures from your mobile phone and tablet in special smaller squares or rectangular form. For those pictures, HEMA has especially created two side products: the photo mobile and photo book. 

HEMA picture carousel

HEMA photo mobile (€5) and €10 for 10 cards with double sides, so 20 pictures in total. 

HEMA photo book

 HEMA photo book

HEMA Return to Sender items

 HEMA Return to Sender gift boxes

 HEMA Return to Sender gift boxes, 4 for €4.95

 HEMA Return to Sender baskets and bags

 HEMA Return to Sender baskets and bags

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