HEMA press day S/S 2015: Stationery

Stationery is something that I buy often at the HEMA stores, so I was very excited to spot new items at the HEMA press day 2015

HEMA coral stationery

Coral and pink are my favorite colors, so I wouldn't mind getting the whole stationery set that you can see in the picture above. It does seem to have a bit too much of a Valentine's day vibe, but I don't really mind.

HEMA tropical beach shark palm tree surfboard stamps

This stationery line with things such as sharks, surfing, and dangerous stuff, seems to be targeted to boys, but I quite like the funny stamps. It would be fun to stamp "At your own risk" (I do have to write the "at" myself though ^_^) on food labels in a shared fridge or on your personal diary.

HEMA tropical paradise stationery pineapple stamps

This seems to be the girl version of the stationery line above. When you put boys on a tropical island, all they might think about is doing dangerous things like water sports and come face to face with sharks, but us girls rather enjoy the scenery, see exotic plants, animals, and flowers, and eat some of the summer fruits like pineapple and watermelon (or put them in a cocktail ^_^). 

HEMA stamp jars

The previous two stationery lines has stamps with an ink pad included in the bottom. But you can also get these stamps in jars and pick out the color of ink pad that you like yourself. I really like the ink pad colors that you can see underneath. It almost looks like eyeshadow mono's.

HEMA ink pads neon orange, pink, and purple

HEMA has also created the stationery line "On the go" with a travel theme.

HEMA travel pictures tin, glasses case, and passport size notebooks

In the picture above, you can see a striped tin can to keep the Instax pictures that you have taken during travel (€1), a (sun)glasses case (€2), and passport size notebooks (set of 2, one with lined pages and one with blank pages, and two different covers, €2).

HEMA travel stationery notebooks paris eiffel tower globe words Amsterdam london

There are also these 3 notebooks with an Amsterdam, Paris, and Global travel theme. The brown Global travel notebook has an area on the front cover to write down who this travel journal belongs too and your address and mobile phone number. The blue Travel case is also nice to store small items in such as hair ties, camera batteries, and memory cards.

HEMA wax seal stamp and refills (neon pink, purple, mint green, gold, silver, red)

I have wanted to buy the HEMA Wax Seal Stamp for a long time already, but I worried about what I would do when the candle is all used up. I am not sure if they are all new, but there are now these HEMA seal stamps wax refills. There is my favorite coral, mint, and fuchsia, and also very official looking red, and - great for Christmas cards - silver and gold.

HEMA mini posters eiffel tower stars quote

Lastly, we have these cute HEMA mini posters (a set of 6, €4) that you can frame or just stick on your room walls, and the HEMA wall stickers with colorful butterflies and stars (each set costs €3).

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