L'Occitane Summer Essentials bag

This winter, I have finally taken the L'Occitane gift box - that was collecting dust in my room - out to try all the products inside. It was only, when I re-read my old post, that I realized that I had never shown you the contents of the L'Occitane cosmetics bag. I planned to slowly reveal all the products in individual reviews in the following posts, but I never got to it. As I plan to do that now (couple of months too late >_<), I will now reveal what's inside this small L'Occitane Summer Essentials bag.

L'Occitane Summer Essentials bag

The print on this cosmetics bag is very bright and colorful. I especially like the sakura branches, as it reminds me of my fun vacations in Japan. It is one of the reasons why I had to buy this. I also like that there is a yellow lining inside, which has a similar fabric as those of umbrellas.

L'Occitane Summer Essentials bag contents: Verbena Shower Gel and Body Lotion, Aromachology repairing shampoo, Extra Gentle Milk Soap, Dry Skin Shea butter hand cream and food cream

Another reason, why I wanted to buy this, is because I get to try a wide range of products: soap, shampoo, shower gel, body lotion, and their hand and foot creams. It was a great way to find out if this - new to me - brand would work for me. At the moment, I already finished a few products and the rest will soon follow.

You can expect reviews of these:

- L'Occitane Verbena Shower Gel and Body Lotion (2 x 30 ml)
- L'Occitane Aromachology repairing shampoo (35 ml)
- L'Occitane Extra Gentle Milk Soap with Shea Butter (25g)

- L'Occitane Dry Skin Shea butter hand cream and food cream (2 x 10 ml)

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