Review: Mona Spanish tangerine with orange sauce

The Mona Spanish tangerine with orange sauce (in Dutch: Mona Spaanse Mandarijn met sinaasappelsaus) is last month's dessert of the month, so you cannot buy it anymore. To me, it isn't really a loss as it wasn't the best dessert that I had. Keep reading to find out why.

Review: Mona Spanish tangerine with orange sauce | Spaanse Mandarijn met sinaasappelsaus

The picture on the packaging looked really promising, as I like all things fruity and in particular, citrus fruits. 

Mona Spanish tangerine with orange sauce exterior

From the outside, you can see that it is an airy pudding with tangerine pulp in it and orange sauce on the bottom. 

Mona Spanish tangerine with orange sauce lid with promotion of brownie chocolate mousse pudding

I was surprised to see this cute promotion of the Mona Brownie chocolate mousse pudding 2.0 on the lid. It is a lot better than the standard lid.  

Mona Spanish tangerine with orange sauce on plate

The pudding looks very delicious with its white, whip cream like texture and glossy, orange flavored sauce. But sadly, I didn't really like it. The tangerine flavor of the pudding and the orange sauce didn't create a different and better taste than those two flavors separately. I tried eating the pudding without the sauce and it had a slight bitter aftertaste, so it was better to eat it with the sauce. The orange sauce itself is quite nice, as it taste a bit like orange syrup that you can add water to and create lemonade. But I had tasted a better tasting orange syrup than this from Karvan Cévitam, called "Appeltjes van Oranje" (Hope it comes back around Kingsday), so it paled a bit in comparison. 

Underneath the paper cover, there is a serving suggestion: place some chocolate curls on top. I really do think that the slight bitterness of dark chocolate would make the orange flavor taste better.  

I also discovered a small hint of what the dessert of the month in March will be. It isn't too hard to guess. The hint translated to English: "In which country do they eat ears, butterflies, and strange wheels?" (Make sure to look at the illustrations at the bottom)

Mona hint about next pudding

I am sure you guessed it right or already saw the dessert in the supermarkets. The Mona dessert of the month of March is the panna cotta pudding with strawberry sauce (which I reviewed before over here) from the country, Italy.

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