Easter 2015 brunch

I have to confess that I didn't only eat the Albert Heijn healthy dippers and dips past Easter weekend, I also ate a lot of "bad" things. ^_^ Starting with this giant strawberry dipped in melted chocolate, inspired by the Godiva shop window in Brussels.

giant strawberry dipped in melted chocolate

While I was visiting my brother's house, I discovered many different supermarkets in his neighborhood that I have never visited before. In one of those supermarkets, I found this large wooden crate filled with 1 kg of giant strawberries for €3. It is a bit pricey, but they were large, juicy and sweet, so really worth it.  

Alfonseca wooden crate 1 kg giant strawberries

It doesn't look as impressive in the picture above, but underneath, you can see one on the palm of my hand and you should be able to tell how gigantic the strawberry is.

giant strawberry on palm of my hand

Dark chocolate tastes the best with strawberries, but because I didn't want it to be too bitter, I added some sweet milk chocolate to it. I remembered that I should add some whip cream and it really made the chocolate sauce smoother and more liquid.

melted milk and dark chocolate mix

Besides chocolate strawberries, there was also a large plate of chocolate treats. I bought a lot of chocolates during my day trip to Brussels and I am taking every occasion to diminish them.

lost of chocolate treats

My favorite part of Easter is baking breads and pastry in the oven and drinking fruit juices with it.

pastry filled with creamy fish filling

This year, my mom made these puff pastry pies with a creamy cod fish and surimi sticks filling and cheese on top. It was really nice and flaky and I liked the warm, creamy filling. 
 pastry filled with creamy fish filling and surimi

We also made this French baguette with herb butter center. It looks very impressive, but I bought it ready-made in the store, only requiring me to put it in the oven to bake it. It is still one of my favorites to have as breakfast or brunch.

french baguette with herb butter in center
two slices of french baguette with herb butter in center

Lastly, we had an all-you-can-drink fruit juice bar. The HEMA cloudy apple juice on the left was the best (already drank a lot of it, before I made the picture ^_^). It is very mildly sweet and not too sour. In the back, I saw that the only ingredients were apple juice (7 apples!) and the antioxidant E300. It tastes really good for something that is 100% natural. There was also the Appelsientje orange citron juice (orange juice with a light lemon end taste), the Albert Heijn basic orange nectar (similar to cheap hotel buffet orange juice, but in a good way), the Albert Heijn basic apple nectar (simple apple juice, nothing to complain about), and the Albert Heijn tropical guava nectar (a bit too thick and sweet for me).

Albert Heijn basic sinaasappel nectar en appel nectar, Appelsientje sinaasappel citroen, Albert Heijn tropische guave nectar, en HEMA appelsap

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