Journal #1: Sunny day, Melissa flats, Capri ice cream, and HEMA nail polish

We finally had the first rays of sun here in the Netherlands, so I decided to head out to Rotterdam city center. I had some ice cream, wore my new Melissa flats, and checked out the new HEMA jelly beans matt and top coat dots nail polishes that I was so curious about at the HEMA press day S/S 2015.

Capri ijs Rotterdam: pistachio, strawberry cheesecake, watermelon

Capri ijs ice cream parlor

I was about to go back home after a day of shopping, when I happened to walk past the Capri ijs ice cream parlor, and I just had to stop by for some ice cream. 

Capri ijs ijssalon Rotterdam white wooden benches

I had a hard time deciding on the three flavors that I wanted, but I picked pistachio (my all-time favorite ice cream flavor next to green tea), strawberry cheesecake, and watermelon. I paid €3.35 for the three scoops. The pistachio ice cream has a nice pistachio flavor, but it is a bit too watery for me. You really need to get some in your mouth and slowly let it melt in order to taste it fully. I prefer a rich and firm pistachio ice cream. The watermelon ice cream tastes a bit too much like watermelon candy. Although some candy flavors can work, I don't really like this one. It does have a very distinguishable water melon flavor. The strawberry cheesecake ice cream is like an upgraded version of the strawberry cheesecake ice cream that I can buy at the supermarket. The strawberry flavor is very natural and the crumbs were buttery and chewy, instead of totally mushy and soft. It is quite nice, but the best ice cream flavor that I tried at the Capri ijs ice cream parlor is the orange cantaloupe melon ice cream.

Capri ijs: pistache, strawberry cheesecake, en watermeloen

Melissa Campana zig zag flats

This pair of Melissa Campana zig zag flats are the first open sandals that I have worn this year. You can't really see it in the picture, but the glitters on these flats sparkle like gold in the sun. The beige Melissa Artemis + Jason Wu sandals with gold spikes are still on my wish list. ^_^

Melissa Campana zig zag brown glitter jelly flats

Trying out the HEMA top coat dots and jelly beans matt nail polishes

Lastly, I visited the HEMA store in Rotterdam city center, which has a large cosmetics section. There, I tried some tester bottles of the HEMA top coat dots and jelly beans matt nail polishes.

On my nails: the HEMA top coat dots nail polishes in fuchsia (my favorite!), orange, light pink, and light purple, and the HEMA jelly beans matt nail polish in fuchsia. 

HEMA top coat dots orange pink fuchsia purple and HEMA jelly bean nail polish matt fuchsia

The glitters of the HEMA top coat dots nail polishes are a bit hard to remove, as you really need to scrape the glitters off your nails after using nail polish remover. The HEMA jelly beans matt nail polishes have an interesting semi-glossy finish that look like the frosting on cupcakes and cookies made of icing sugar. It isn't the glossy exterior of the jelly bean that they are mimicking.

I was very tempted to buy the HEMA top coat dots nail polish in fuchsia pink, but I really have too many nail polishes at home that I haven't swatched yet. I might still change my mind about that, since I found them available in the HEMA online shop.

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