New in: Etos nail polishes

I have never really noticed the Etos nail polishes before, until I frequently visited the Etos store at Rotterdam Central Station (see the nice things I bought there previously over here). I often miss the train or get there well before time, so it is nice to be able to spend some time browsing at the interesting variety of stores that they have inside the train station. This time, I bought several nail polishes from the Etos store brand and it is the first time that I am trying these out. They are only €2.49 each. 

I am the most curious about these two pink, duo-chrome nail polishes. The one on the left has a subtle yellow glow, while the one on the right has a metallic finish with a more visible orange-gold glow.

Etos nail polishes pink effect duochrome

The apple green and pink-purple nail polishes in the left are from the cupcake collection and they have a sprinkles like glitter mix in them. I find them very suitable for spring. The black nail polish in the middle has the interesting name, black bird, and it is a feather nail polish with many black bar glitters. The two nail polishes on the right are sugar nail polishes and I really want to find out how the bright summer colors, coral and mint, will look like with a grainy finish.  

etos nail polishes green pink glitters black bar glitters coral and mint sugar

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