Review: Pickwick double green teas

Pickwick has recently introduced three new green tea flavors and as a green tea lover, I could not wait to try them out. The Pickwick Double Green teas have three different flavor combinations: grape taste & lemon verbena, cucumber taste & mint, and apple & lemongrass. Both of the ingredients have a green color, but as it contains green tea too, it should actually be called triple green. ^_^

new Pickwick Double Green teas review

I think that the design of the boxes is very nice, but from afar, you cannot really tell them apart. I placed the box of Pickwick Double Green - cucumber taste & mint on top of the other two boxes in the kitchen and most people that passed by, thought all three boxes of tea had the same flavor. They were also grossed out by the thought of cucumber tea, so they didn't even want to try any (more left for me!).

Pickwick Double Green cucumber and mint, grape and lemon verbena, and apple and lemongrass

Pickwick Double Green tea - grape taste and lemon verbena*

The Pickwick Double Green tea - grape taste and lemon verbena has a sweet, green grape scent. Although these are called green teas, they aren't the same as the quality Japanese green tea that I like. To me, it tastes a bit like normal black tea, but then a very light, diluted kind. But I quite like it with the green grape taste and lemon verbena. It is my favorite flavor out of the three Pickwick Double Green teas. I can mainly taste the sweet green grape flavor and the lemon verbena only acts as a slight bitter, lemony end note. After drinking this tea, you still get a sweet aftertaste in your mouth. 

Pickwick Double Green tea - apple and lemongrass*

The Pickwick Double Green tea - apple and lemongrass almost smells like apple juice. You can easily taste a very distinguishable apple flavor in the tea. I think you normally make apple tea with red apples, so it is quite special that they used green apples. I could actually tell the green apple apart, as it has a slight sourness. I was afraid I wouldn't like the lemongrass, as I remembered that I didn't like the green tea lemongrass from the same brand. But this time, the lemongrass is a lot more subtle and only acts as a light end note, making it not too overly sweet. I quite like it, but the grape taste & lemon verbena won by a nose.

Pickwick Double Green tea - cucumber taste and mint*

The Pickwick Double Green tea -  cucumber taste and mint doesn't smell very delicious (it actually reminds me a little bit of the Dove cucumber green tea deodorant), but at least, the mint isn't as sharp as I feared. The mint has a leafy flavor instead of a strong menthol flavor. After drinking it, I was glad it didn't taste like soap (or toothpaste water!).

There is actually a story to that: I drank mint tea at a friend's house before and even though, he warned me, I could believe that tea could actually taste bad. But boy was I wrong, it tasted like the water that you rinse your mouth with after brushing your teeth. Since then, I never wanted to try mint tea again. A while ago, I was tempted to try mint tea again, when it was hip and trendy to sip from large tea glasses with many large mint leaves soaked in it. But then, I saw in the news that they discovered bugs on the mint leaves in several establishments...

So, it has been a long time since I actually drank any tea with mint in it. The Pickwick Double Green tea - cucumber taste and mint has a very light and refreshing taste for a warm tea. The cucumber makes the green tea taste less bitter, but I actually enjoy the bitterness in tea. So, I don't really like it a lot. But I can imagine it to taste quite good, when it is chilled and in the summer heat.

Lastly, some advice on how to make the tea:
- make sure to just let the tea bag soak in the tea glass (don't move it around) and pull it out after 2 minutes. 3 minutes is too long for water that was just boiled. You can also let the boiled water cool down a bit (15-30 minutes), before you make the tea. That way, it is a lot more fool proof. The first time, I made the tea following the instructions on the box and the tea got a bad, burned flavor.    
- you need to take the tea bag out, when the tea water looks warm yellow with a green undertone (like in the picture underneath). If the tea is starting to turn dark orange, either the water has been too hot or you left the tea bag in for too long.
Pickwick double green tea apple and lemongrass in tea glass

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