V&D Prijzencircus voordeelmenu: Classic Burger and Malaysian chicken satay

Currently, the V&D department stores are having the annual Prijzencircus and besides a large selection of products that are discounted during this event, they also have value meals at their La Place restaurants. For only €3.95, you get to choose between a Malaysian chicken satay meal (in Dutch: Maleisische kipsaté), a Classic hamburger meal, and a main-dish Greek salad. Add €1 to that, for a small V&D Prijzencircus salad or dessert. The salads available on the day I was there were a small bowl of marinated tomato parts and a small bowl of coleslaw. As a dessert, there was a small glass of yogurt with fresh strawberries in it.

You can buy these V&D value meals for the discounted price of €3.95 each from March 26 - April 12, 2015, which is basically how long the V&D Prijzencircus (special sales event) will last.

I have previously written about the delicious La Place buffet breakfast and the La Place strawberry pie before, so you know that I wouldn't pass the chance to try these meals at a reduced price. I thought I had to wait until late in the afternoon - around 16:00 - 17:00 before warm meals were going to be served, but they luckily already had them during lunchtime, when I got there.  

V&D prijzencircus voordeelmenu's: Classic Burger en Maleisische kipsaté (Malaysian chicken satay)

From the point of view that this picture was taken, you might have guessed that I ordered the Classic burger meal. I also got a large glass of green tea with a table spoon of brown sugar that has sunk to the bottom. Adding the brown sugar, makes the green tea taste very flavorful and nice. While waiting for your tea or coffee to cool down, you can actually get yourself a complimentary glass of lemon-mint water from the two large jugs that are located at the place where you get the cutlery and condiments. On some days, that water tastes really refreshing, but due to it being very busy during the Prijzencircus, the lemon-mint flavor got really watered down as they refilled the jugs with water too many times without replacing or adding the mint leaves.  
The Malaysian chicken satay looked very delicious too. You get three skewers of chicken satay, some atjar, prawn crackers, and half a plate of fries.

V&D prijzencircus voordeelmenu: Maleisische kipsaté (Malaysian chicken satay)

The Classic Burger had a relatively thick beef patty and a grilled flavor on the outside. The sauce that was on the burger was very tasty too. The thickly sliced fries had a lot of potato flavor and a nice crunch.

V&D prijzencircus voordeelmenu: Classic Burger

I was afraid that it wouldn't be enough, so I ordered a dessert too: a beautiful strawberry tart. But I was quite full after finishing the Classic burger meal after all. Luckily, women have a second stomach when it comes to desserts. ^_^

V&D La Place strawberry tart

The tart had a hard and dry pastry crust filled with custard and lots of glossy, halved strawberries. It kind of reminds me of a Dutch "beschuitje met aardbeien". The crust was too hard to eat with a dessert spoon or fork, so I just picked it up with my hands and took a bite. The strawberries were very sweet and tasted really good with the custard. The tart was a tad bit too dry, but it creates a nice contrast to the juicy and moist filling.

 Markthal, Rotterdam

While I was in the city center anyway, I had a look again at the Markthal. The previous time I was there, there were still several stores not open yet and it was fun to discover what kind of stores have taken up the empty spaces. Sadly, some stores have also left already and were replaced with something else.

 Markthal, Rotterdam achteruitgang | rear exit
Markthal Rotterdam inside view

I recently visited the historic Saint Michael and Saint Gudula cathedral in Brussels, but the Laurenskerk, which is right next to the Markthal, is very beautiful too.   

Laurenskerk, Rotterdam

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