Review Etos sugar nail polishes: coral and green

Of the seven Etos nail polishes that I had bought, I will start with the review of the two Etos sugar nail polishes in the shades coral and green.

In the store, I was attracted by the bright summer colors and although I am not a big fan of sugar/sand effect nail polishes, the matte colors were pretty intriguing. From the outside of the nail polish bottle and on the brush, the Etos sugar nail polishes seem to have small, white grains in it. But sadly, that doesn't show up on the nails, while it could have added a nice contrast to the totally green or coral nails if you could find some white grains here and there.

I decided to create a simple nail art with the two nail polishes, since the two colors really match with each other. The design on the ring finger was supposed to be a scoop of melting mint ice cream, but I should have grown that nail longer and clipped it in a sharp triangular shape to represent the cone or drawn the cone shape on the nail with thin, black nail polish lines. Now, it looks like a huge scoop of ice cream in a bowl like the one I had at Capri ijs ice cream parlor. Strange enough, the sugar finish of the nail polish makes the ice cream look more 3D and realistic. 

Etos nail polish coral sugar and green sugar review

The mint green color and sand effect of the Etos green sugar nail polish might remind you of the Skinfood Nail Vita Alpha ASG05 - Mint Candy that I reviewed in the past, but that one is a lot paler mint green and it had very beautiful silver shimmers in it. The Etos green sugar nail polish is a tad darker than in the pictures and the Etos coral sugar nail polish has a coral color that leans to a dark orange.

Although sand/sugar nail polishes are known to be hard to remove, it wasn't as hard as I imagined. It also lasted on the nails for a week almost, without very visible chipping.

Etos sugar nail polishes coral and green nail art ice cream

As I imagined sugar nail polishes to be sparkly, I wondered how the nails would look like if I added a glitter top coat. I used the Pa Nail Color A125 nail polish and it didn't smooth the sugar finish totally out, but it didn't look very pretty either. It looks like I did a poor job applying the nail polish or used a goopy nail polish that turned bad. But the glitters did sparkle beautifully at night time.   

Etos sugar nail polishes coral and green with pa nail color A125 as top coat

Etos sugar nail polishes coral and green with pa nail color A125 as top coat from far

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