H&M large outlet store in Rotterdam visit #2

It has been a while since my last visit to the H&M outlet store in Rotterdam and because they stated that they will add new sales items multiple times a week, I decided to pay it another visit to see if they have anything new that I would like to get. I don't know why, but I always seem to pick the hottest day of the week to go there. I was sweating so much that I was almost going to pass out (okay, I exaggerated a bit), but in the drowsiness, I somehow lost a set of flower hair pins that I bought. Luckily, I didn't also forget the shopping bag filled with the H&M sales items in the tram on my way home, so I can still share what I bought with you in this blog post.

Previously, I only bought a jacket and a woolen sweater (both can still be found in the outlet store and all knits are now €5), and I didn't explore the other two floors upstairs. This time, I did go upstairs and I bought something from the women's fashion, accessories, baby clothing, and stationery sections.  

Let's start with the two peplum tops that I bought.

H&M bordeaux and pink satin peplum tops

H&M burgundy and pink satin finish peplum tops

The burgundy peplum top (before €34.99, now €15) is made of an elastic fabric and there is a zipper in the back. It also looks as if the fabric is cut with a pair of textile scissors and not sewn together. The effect is quite cool.

The pink satin finish peplum top (before €39.99, now €20) has a button closure on the back and it is a bit shorter in the front and longer in the back.

Women accessories

There is a second one for free deal on the discounted scarves, so I paid €5 (before €12.95) for the white woolen circle scarf with subtle silver shimmers and I got the blue striped scarf that I can already wear this summer for free (sales price €5, before €12.95). 

H&M woolen circle scarf with shimmers

H&M blue striped scarf with white balls rim
I also saw these cute pastel and neon hair ties and they are only €1 (before €1.95) per set, so I just had to get them.

H&M neon hair ties


If you are a person like me that can never have too many notebooks, you can consider getting these two cute notebooks sets.

H&M stationery: gold and flower print

 H&M notebook set of three same-sized, lined notebooks, before €4.99, now €3.

H&M stationery: flower and striped prints

H&M notebook set of three different sized notebooks with blank pages, before €5.99, now €2

Note: if you are a friend of mine that recently got a baby boy, please stop reading if you don't want to ruin the surprise of what you will be getting soon.

 Baby clothing

I really don't understand why baby clothing can be so expensive (for such a small piece of fabric!). That's why it must be great that you can now stock up on a lot of baby clothing in the H&M outlet store in Rotterdam. You might need to dig in a large pile of baby clothing for it, but I was really able to find a lot of hidden gems. Because these are all gifts to a friend, I will not state the prices, but only give the percentage of discount. 

H&M white baby clothing with gold stars and bear plus a hat

White baby romper with gold stars and a white polar bear king and a matching hat, about 50% off.

H&M brown baby vest with bear hoodie

Cute brown vest with a bear head hood, about 80% off. I think I found one of the rare items that is actually 80% off (sales is up to 80% off). ^_^

H&M baby towel with cartoon panda and koala

Cute baby towel with a cartoon panda and koala print, 50% off

H&M white-blue striped baby dungarees with monkey face
Cute white-baby blue striped dungarees with a monkey head in front, 33% off. It kind of reminds me of something that little Prince George has worn.

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