Review: OPI nail lacquer - I STOP for Red

I feel like I haven't even written enough Spring themed blog posts yet, but I am already flirting with the Summer as can be seen by the previous post about the McDonalds Iced Frappé chocolate chip and McFlurry Rocky Road that I recently discovered and now, this review of the OPI nail lacquer - I STOP for Red. This nail polish is part of the Brights by OPI summer collection and it has just released in the Netherlands.

OPI nail lacquer - I STOP for Red swatches

The OPI nail lacquer - I STOP for Red is a gorgeous, glossy red nail polish with an orange undertone that should come out more under the bright sun. One coat was already enough to fully cover the nail, but I felt that two coats would make it look better. The glossy layer is very long-lasting, as I noticed that it barely faded the following day. The painted nails also look a bit thicker and fuller, without feeling heavy. I really cannot find any flaws about it, except that I made some very small mistakes during application. It is more visible in the close-up picture and some were already removed before I took the pictures. But that could also be because I just can't get used to a bigger nail polish brush (I still prefer a small and precise nail polish brush ^_^).  

OPI nail lacquer - I STOP for Red swatches close up

OPI nail lacquer - I STOP for Red* (15 ml, €14.25)
  • Part of the limited edition Brights by OPI collection consisting of 9 popular neon and bright nail polishes: On Pinks and Needles, Can't Hear Myself Pink!, I Sea You Wear OPI, I STOP for Red, The Berry Thought of You, My Car Has Navy-gation, Life Gave Me Lemons, Hotter Than You Pink, and Down to the Core-al. 
  • Brights by OPI mini set has the following 6 mini nail lacquers (3.75 ml each, €35.95) : Hotter Than You Pink, Can't Hear Myself Pink!, Down to the Core-al, Life Gave Me Lemons, I Sea You Wear OPI, and My Car Has Navy-gation.

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