#Ubericecream Netherlands: Frozz Frozen Yoghurt 150 ml cups

Last Friday, 24 July 2015, it was #Ubericecream day and you could get ice cream delivered to your doorstep or work place. In the Netherlands, they worked with the local, frozen yogurt brand, frozz. I have tried a cup of frozz frozen yoghurt before at one of their frozen yoghurt shops, but I never tried any of the frozen yogurt cups that they made for the supermarket. So, it was great that I could get to try some. New members could get 5 cups for free. Nothing tastes better than free ice cream. ^_^

Frozz Frozen Yoghurt 150 ml cups (apple cinnamon) appel & kaneel (raspberry chocolate) framboos & chocolade

I didn't get to choose the flavors as they only had the apple-cinnamon and raspberry-chocolate left. I was actually really curious about the plain yogurt and strawberry flavors too.

Frozz Frozen Yoghurt (apple cinnamon) appel & kaneel (raspberry chocolate) framboos & chocolade

frozz Frozen Yoghurt - appel & kaneel (Apple & cinnamon)

It tastes like a Dutch apple pie (Appeltaart). That flavor works surprisingly well with the tartness of the yoghurt. There are also some rare, small pieces of soft apple and raisins. It is full of flavor, but still very light and not too heavy on the stomach. I like that it is not too overly sweet. You mainly taste the sour apple and the tartness of the yoghurt and just a hint of sweet cinnamon.

Frozz Frozen Yoghurt ingredients (apple cinnamon) appel & kaneel

frozz Frozen Yoghurt - framboos & chocolade (Raspberry & chocolate)

There are raspberry yoghurt swirls in plain frozen yogurt and crispy and thin chocolate swirls are mixed into it. The idea is quite nice, but I cannot help but feel that the raspberry flavor doesn't blend that well with the sour yoghurt and the flavor of the chocolate swirls is somewhat lacking too. I expected something like one of my favorite Ben & Jerry's flavors, Cherry Garcia, but the raspberry is a bit too sour and it would have been nicer if it was a tad bit sweeter/fruitier. The chocolate could be a bit more bitter-sweet or they could also just go for sweet milk chocolate instead.

Frozz Frozen Yoghurt ingredients (raspberry chocolate) framboos & chocolade

Together with the order of ice cream, you get a pair of white Uber sunglasses and 4 blue ice cream buttons.

#Ubericecream Netherlands 2015 sunglasses and buttons

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