Review: Frozz matcha frozen yogurt

While I was doing research on Frozz for my Ubericecream x Frozz post, I discovered that they have matcha flavored frozen yogurt too, but only at their Frozz store at Hartenstraat 36, Amsterdam. I really wanted to go have a try, but Amsterdam is a bit too far away for just an ice cream. During my recent visit to the newly renovated campus of the Erasmus university in Rotterdam, I noticed that the Frozz store located there was selling the green tea frozen yogurt too! Of course, I had to have a try.

Review: Frozz matcha frozen yogurt

For 4 euro, you get a medium cup of matcha frozen yogurt (which has the same price as the normal plain frozen yogurt) and three toppings of your choice. I choose strawberries, white chocolate curls, and brownie cubes. I haven't had green tea ice cream for a long time already, so my anticipation was high.

The first thing I noticed was that the color of the matcha frozen yogurt was a bit pale. I hoped that it wouldn't mean that the green tea flavor would be weak too, but it really was a bit bland. I wish they could make the green tea flavor a bit stronger - even if that means that the price will be higher - , because the tartness of the frozen yogurt is too overpowering.

I did notice that eating the frozen yogurt with the sweet toppings made the green tea flavor come out more. It was especially the case with the white chocolate curls. However, the strawberries emphasized the sourness of the frozen yogurt more and that wasn't such a good choice.  

Review: Frozz matcha green tea frozen yogurt
Review: Frozz matcha green tea frozen yogurt with strawberries, brownies, white chocolate curls

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