Overview fukubukuro 2014 and shipping with Tenso

In case you missed my blog posts about them, I will give you a short overview and some afterthoughts of the fukubukuro (lucky bags) of 2014 that I bought. You should not mistake those with the fukubukuro of 2015 (still need to make videos of those! I know, I am really late. >_<), as they are usually sold on 1 January of each year, so currently, you can already pre-order those of 2016.  

dazzlin (ダズリン) fukubukuro (aka lucky bag, 福袋) 2014

I liked the dazzlin fukubukuro 2014 the most and my opinion is still unchanged. The canvas outer bag was used a lot by me and it can actually be counted as an extra item. The fabric was sturdy and it looked like a normal bag. The only thing that I missed was a hard cardboard to use on the bottom of the bag. Maybe, I should find some time to make one myself one day. ^_^

The coat in this fukubukuro became one of my favorite winter coats and for days when it wasn't as cold, I removed the fur collar. The flowery pink dress, I didn't wear as much as the weather here in the Netherlands doesn't really allow me to. But the purple grey turtle neck sweater was worn a lot under vests and sleeveless dresses in the winter.

Lodispotto (ロディスポット) fukubukuro (aka lucky bag, 福袋) 2014

The outer bag of the Lodispotto fukubukuro 2014 is a bit flimsy and the print is a bit too cartoon-like, so I had never used it outside. The pink dress was very thick and surprisingly kept me quite warm - as I am normally not really a girl that likes to wear dresses and skirts in the winter ^_^). The pink color of the dress looked really nice combined with the black of the coat, but later on, the color faded to a brown-pink, which isn't as pretty. I didn't wear the rest of the items as much, as they are a bit thin for the cold weather here in the Netherlands. 

Misch Masch (ミッシュ マッシュ) fukubukuro (aka lucky bag, 福袋) 2014

Although the coat from the Misch Masch fukubukuro 2014 has the label of size 38 (which is my size in European sizes), it is a bit too tight on me. On the other hand, the coat from Lodispotto with the label M does fit me very well. The rest of the clothing from Misch Masch and Lodispotto also fit me (European size: M/L). It helped that most of the clothing are very flexible knit wear and loose blouses. There is also an elastic band at the back of the skorts, which is better than a zipper. In particular, the simple blue vest (luckily without too many decorations) and lace blouse were great additions to my closet. Normally, it is quite a gamble for me to buy Asian clothing online as the sizes run very small, but Lodispotto and Misch Masch are two Japanese fashion brands that I can buy more clothes of in the future.

GALSTAR (ギャルスター) fukubukuro (aka lucky bag, 福袋) 2014

The GALSTAR fukubukuro was the worst fukubukuro out of the four and I noticed that I had never worn or used anything that was in it, although I thought that some items were reasonably okay. I actually wanted to wear the red fur collar on Chinese New Year as on those festive days, the redder you dress yourself up the better, but I forgot. ^_^

My experience with shipping the fukubukuro with Tenso 

The international shipping of the first three fukubukuro was done by Tenso and it was the first time, I used this service, so I was a bit nervous. The items are worth quite a lot, so I wanted to be sure that the parcel will get to me safe and sound. That's why, I decided to ship by EMS, which is one of the most expensive shipping options that you could select at Tenso. At first, there were a few days delay due to New year's holiday (the fukubukuro are normally sold and send on 1 January) and Tenso confirmed that they received the parcel on 6 January. It then arrived in the Netherlands on 10 January, which is really fast. I had no complaints with Tenso, so I used their service again for the fukubukuro 2015 haul that I will show you soon on my blog.

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