Souvenirs from Barcelona!

After getting souvenirs from Rome last year, I recently received souvenirs from Barcelona. My brother went to Barcelona for a week and he asked me what I wanted to get as souvenirs. In my mind, I was already making a long wishlist from Sephora (which sadly doesn't have stores in the Netherlands anymore as I wrote before in this post). But as he basically went there to relax and recharge, I couldn't really ask him to go to find the things I want with zero knowledge of beauty brands in a store crowded with women. So again, I just asked for a simple taste of Barcelona. I told him that I was satisfied with things that you can find in the supermarket or delicatessen stores, so don't expect a large haul with beauty products or fashionable items. ^_^
Souvenirs from Barcelona!

The first thing that drew my attention was this box filled with sweet treats. Initially, I thought it was a 0.5 kg box of chocolate bonbons as it was as heavy as a rock, but nothing shuffled inside when I shook it. 

wrapped box of nougats from Planelles Donat

When I unwrapped it, I discovered this transparent box with four different blocks of nougats. 

box of 4 large pieces of nougats from Planelles Donat

 I really enjoy nougats, so it is a lot of fun to be able to taste 4 different kinds.

four pieces of nougat from Planelles Donat taken out of the box

I also received two Campos canned goods: belly fillets of the yellow fin tuna and mussels from the Galicia area, both conserved in olive oil. I just love seafood and these would probably taste great in a pasta dish or salad.

Barcelona souvenirs: Campos canned goods mussels and tuna (mejillon en escabeche and ventresca de atun claro)

 I also got three Casa Taradellas glass jars of pâté in the flavors: olives, anchovis, and jamon ham. In the right, you can see a large jar of Aranca dried tomatoes. They would probably taste great on slices of French baguette.

Barcelona souvenirs: casa taradellas glass jars pate olives, anchovis, and jamon ham & aranca dried tomatoes

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