Cyber Monday purchases: Mango coat and Forever 21 bag

Cyber Monday isn't such a big deal in the Netherlands as in the United States, but this year, there were some interesting stores that had great discounts. I was able to avoid the crowds by doing my purchases online. Beforehand, I already made a wish list by visiting the physical stores, so I wasn't affraid of any dissappointments.

The first thing I bought was this dark beige/caramel trench coat from Mango with a 30% discount. The belt is a little bit too retro for me, so I normally wear it without the belt. The coat is also a bit heavy when you hold it in your hands, but when you are wearing it, you don't really notice it. I really like the soft, flexible fabric of the coat, which doesn't restrict my movements. The trench coat had a straight fit, but I kind of wish that the bottom part of the coat flared out like a skirt. That would have made it perfect.

Cyber Monday purchases: Mango dark beige/caramel trench coat

I also bought a cute pink bag from Forever 21 with a discount of 21%. It has two separate compartments ( a bigger one and a shallow one), closed off by a zipper on the outside. You can hold the bag by the handles or carry it on your shoulder with the long, detachable belt. It has the perfect size for all my daily neccessities.

Cyber Monday purchases: pink Forever 21 bag

I didn't realize it when I ordered them online, but the two items that I bought during Cyber Monday match very well with each other. Sorry for the bad lighting in the picture underneath. :) It was either this or waiting another week, while I am already late in sharing these purchases with you. 

Cyber Monday purchases: Mango coat and pink Forever 21 bag

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