Jamie's Italian in Markthal Rotterdam, the Netherlands

In October, a Jamie's Italian opened in the Markthal, Rotterdam. I still haven't tried any of the restaurants in the Markthal yet (I did have some kibbeling before), but the Jamie's Italian is on top of the wish list.  

This is how the restaurant looks like from inside the Markthal.

Jamie's Italian in Markthal Rotterdam, the Netherlands (inside entrance)

On the outside, there are beautiful full-length windows and the words "Jamie's Italian" in light bulb letters.

Jamie's Italian in Markthal Rotterdam, the Netherlands (outside entrance)

Food display outside the restaurant

Note: It was a bit too crowded back then to stand still and look carefully, so I think I mistakenly took the food displays of the restaurant next door, the E&C Meat Wine restaurant, as Jamie's Italian's. I didn't have the time to properly study the menu of Jamie's Italian yet, so I thought I was correct when I saw some similarities like the steak and the ham and cheese platter. I am sorry if you saw the pictures and decided to go there and couldn't order the food in the pictures.

Although menu's with only words look more fancy, I prefer to see what I am getting. Sadly, I couldn't find many pictures of the dishes that you can order on their website or social media, but I did see that they have displayed some of the food outside of their restaurant like I am used to during my trips in Japan. The food looks way too realistic to be plastic in this case though, so I am really curious how they keep the food from turning bad.

omelet, eggs, apple pie, coffee, lamb chops
bone rib steak  lamb chops
pizza ham cheese olives plank platter
mezzes pizza

Jamie's Italian Christmas 2015 menu

If you haven't made plans for Christmas yet, you can consider the Festive Menu for €45 per person, which will be available until 3 January 2016. The Jamie's Italian gift card, which you can buy in the restaurant, is also a nice Christmas gift to get, especially for food lovers like me.

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