Sinterklaas snacks 2015

I think many people worldwide now knows about Sinterklaas, which is a Dutch holiday celebration, due to the Zwarte piet controversy, but no matter what, it is still a special day that the young and the old have fond memories of. To me, it doesn't matter if Zwarte piet will have a different appearance, as I think Sinterklaas is mostly about bringing friends and family members together and make rhymes, sing songs, create special shaped "surprises" to hide gifts in, and eating traditional Dutch sweet treats.

I won't be showing you all the sweet treats I had (don't want to be repetitive), as you can already find pictures of them in last year's blog post, Sinterklaas 2014 snacks. This year, I decided to indulge myself with Tony's Chocolonely chocolate. They happened to be on sale in the supermarket, so I bought a carton of chocolate milk and two chocolate bars.

Sinterklaas met Tony's Chocolonely chocolademelk, chocoladerepen melk rabarber crumble en melk caramel zeezout

 Tony's Chocolonely chocolate bar: milk chocolate with rhubarb and biscuit crumb

I really like that they have used smaller bits of biscuit instead of covering a large piece of biscuit with chocolate, which keeps the chocolate being the main attraction. Here and there, you can taste pieces of rhubarb (some smaller, some bigger), which gives a nice touch of sourness to the otherwise overly sweet chocolate bar. Although you can really distinguish that you are eating rhubarb, it tastes really similar to dried cranberry, so you don't really have to fear that you won't like the taste. 

Tony's Chocolonely chocoladereep melk rabarber crumble | Tony's Chocolonely chocolate bar: milk chocolate with rhubarb and biscuit crumb

Tony's Chocolonely chocolate bar: milk chocolate with rhubarb and biscuit crumb close up

 Tony's Chocolonely chocolate bar: milk chocolate with caramel sea salt

The Tony's Chocolonely chocolate bar in milk chocolate with caramel sea salt flavor is my brother's favorite, so I bought one to see what all the fuss is about. I found out that it is indeed very tasty!

There is an abundant amount of large chunks of caramel flavored sea salt, but never does it get too salty. There is a nice balance between the sweet, creamy milk chocolate and the crispy sea salt pieces with a rich caramel flavor. In the end, there might be one grain of sea salt left and while it dissolves, it cleanses the sweetness and stickiness inside your mouth from the chocolate.

Tony's Chocolonely chocoladereep melk caramel zeezout | Tony's Chocolonely chocolate bar: milk chocolate with caramel sea salt

 Tony's Chocolonely chocolate milk

Tony's Chocolonely chocolademelk in glas

Tony's Chocolonely chocolade melk pak

The Tony's Chocolonely chocolate milk comes in a 1 liter carton box with a screw cap on the top and the print is almost exactly the same as the print of the Tony Chocolonely chocolate bar in milk chocolate flavor.

The color of the chocolate milk is quite light, so I was surprised by the delicious chocolate flavor. It is also not too thick - just enough - and it leaves a clean taste in your mouth afterwards. When you shake the box of chocolate milk before you pour it in your glass, you also get a nice foam. It is a bit expensive, but it is nice to treat yourself to this every now and then.  

 Aldi Sinterklaas tompouce

My little brother also brought back a box of Sinterklaas tompouce from Aldi. For just €1.69, you get four large pieces of tompouce. In between, it has a nice firm cream, which isn't too sweet. It tastes similar to firm whipped cream. The red fondant doesn't have a particular taste besides being sweet. I was pleasantly surprised by the crisp and flaky puff pasty with a buttery flavor that kept being that way, even on the next day. The crispy dark chocolate S was also a nice touch as you could easily take a bite in it without pulling the whole thing out. The white bits were white chocolate, but there were too little and they were too small to make much of a difference in taste, but it does look more delicious that way, kind of like snow. If I see them next year, I will definitely get them again. 

Aldi Sinterklaas tompouce met chocolade letter S

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