Christmas gift idea: Women' secret Miffy pyjamas

During the sale, I paid a visit to the V&D department store in Rotterdam and I discovered this new brand, Women' secret. I have never seen so many cute lounge wear and pyjamas in one place. They would be a great Chirstmas gift to a girl or a women who is still in touch with her inner child. I wish I could bring them all home with me, but I settled with two Miffy print pyjamas. Miffy is the English name of Nijntje, which is a Dutch cartoon character created by Dick Bruna. Who wouldn't fall for this cute bunny?

Women' secret Long cotton Miffy-print pyjama nijntje long sleeves and long pants

I really like the white print with three Miffy (aka Nijntje) bunnies sneakily looking from behind a wall on the marine blue, long-sleeved shirt with a drawstring around the waist. The matching long pyjama pants have a cute, black and white Miffy print.

Women' secret  "I can't stop sleeping " Miffy pyjama nijntje short sleeves and long pants

The second pyjama set has a short sleeved shirt and long pants in matching flower print with the one of the pillow that Miffy is sleeping on. The words "Help! I can't stop sleeping..." on the white shirt is exactly what I would say, as I seriously like sleeping. I always tell people that the best kind of skincare is sleeping a lot.

Although I rarely wear a v-neck t-shirt, this t-shirt looks quite nice on me. The short sleeves are really comfortable too, as it isn't tight in the armpits. The only flaws are the drawstring in the waistline of the pants which isn't elastic and the dark marine color of the pants that faded quite a lot after just one wear.

As I like to wear roomy clothes, I bought it one size bigger than my normal size and I am glad I did as they fit me perfectly. The cotton fabric of both the pyjamas is a bit thin, but I like it a lot as it makes me sweat less during my sleep. It is however a bit cold to wear during the winter. You might want to consider getting the fleece pyjamas that Women'secret also has.

Speaking of fleece pyjamas, I also had one set of Women' secret fleece pyjamas in my hands for quite a long time and I was thinking of getting it, but I already have three sets of fleece pyjamas from Primark, so in the end, I didn't buy it. I now regret it, as I recently saw it pass by in episode 12 of the Korean drama series, She was pretty (그녀는 예뻤다), and I wish I got that one too. 

The name of the pyjama is Women' secret Long thermal "sleep with me" pyjama and I was able to find it in their online shop. Fans of the drama would probably be very happy to get the pyjama - that Hwang Jung-eum's character Kim Hye-jin had worn - for Christmas.

She was pretty (그녀는 예뻤다) Korean drama tv series Women' secret baby blue pyjama with white bear and striped pants Hwang jung eum (Kim Hye Jin)

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