Birthday freebies

Two weeks ago, it was my birthday (I know, I am pretty late with writing about it) and many companies try to do something special for their valuable customers on that day. Although I received a truckload of discount coupons and the possibility to earn extra points from my favorite brands, I am currently on a spending ban again (You will get to know why pretty soon) and I did my best to not spend so much money.

Keep reading to see the three things that I got for free on my birthday.

Glamour and Cosmopolitan magazine Netherlands January 2016 issues

Magazine Freebie

It is a custom for me to buy a bunch of magazines (as much as I want) and read it on a day close to my birthday. For me, it stands for a well-deserved break from the daily hustle and bustle (the best gift ever!). It just feels great to have a day to just think about nothing else than what kind of tea that I want to drink and what snacks to go along with it. After getting that ready, I can just relax on my couch or bed and read the magazines that I picked out. If I still have some time left, I can also read some of the books that have been on my reading list for a long time.

Essence gel nail polish freebie with Cosmopolitan magazine Netherlands January 2016 issue

The good part is that my birthday month is in January and most January issues include a year horoscope of the upcoming year. It is fun to read what might happen to me, after becoming one year older.

The magazines that I picked out this year was the Glamour magazine, the Cosmopolitan magazine, and the Marie Claire magazine (online version).

The Cosmopolitan magazine included a free full-size Essence gel nail polish. It is pretty rare to get a freebie with a magazine here in the Netherlands, especially compared to the cool gifts that Japanese magazines have.

Red velvet cake from Dudok Patisserie

I am a member of OVMiles, which is a point saving program of the RET (public transport company in Rotterdam). To celebrate my birthday, I was allowed to pick up a free slice of cake of my choice in the week before and on the day of my birthday. Dudok has a very famous Dutch apple pie, but since I tried that many times already, I picked a slice of red velvet cake instead.

It was the first time I tried one and it surprised me. The Dudok red velvet cake was perfect: the cake was very soft, moist, and airy and the cream was firm and not too sweet. The white chocolate flakes added just the right amount of sweetness. The cake itself also had a very good buttery flavor, especially the slightly burned parts on the bottom. I definitely recommend it!

Dudok Patisserie red velvet cake with white chocolate flakes

The Body Shop birthday gift

As a The Body Shop member, I received a discount coupon of €5 that I could use on any day of my birthday month. Although they call it a discount coupon, you are not obligated to spend a certain amount. It is okay as long as it's over €5. 

I got really lucky again as during my birthday month, there is always a big sale in The Body Shop stores. Although I already bought a lot during The Body Shop sale, I had to get something again as the discount coupon expires after my birthday month is over. I decided on a The Body Shop mini gift set, which included small bottles of the Moringa shower gel and body lotion and a shower puff. It was discounted to €5.60, so I only needed to pay 60 cent.

The Body Shop Moringa Christmas mini gift set with shower gel body lotion and a shower puff

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