Lunch at Bagels and Beans in Rotterdam

Since Bagels and Beans opened on Schouwburgplein 80, Rotterdam, I have wanted to visit it and not too long ago, I finally had the time to try out their bagels. It is quite difficult to find a decent bagel here in the Netherlands, but here, you can get a large variety of freshly baked bagels with sweet or savory ingredients in between.  

I started with a large glass of matcha latte soy milk (€2.95). I was surprised to see that they had this, as green tea drinks are rare in cafes and restaurants in the Netherlands, while it is very popular in Asian countries.  

Lunch at Bagels and Beans in Rotterdam: matcha latte soja melk

On every table, you can also find a bowl with sugar cubes and a smaller bowl with candies on top. In this case, it is heart-shaped sugar candies, but they also have coffee bean-shaped chocolates. With free Wi-Fi available and a magazine of your choice, you can chill there as long as you want.

Lunch at Bagels and Beans in Rotterdam: suikerklontjes en hartjessnoep

I got the sesame bagel BLT with mayonaise dressing and pine nuts (€5.25). You can pick out the bagel that you want out of seven varieties (Cinnamon raisin, White, Whole wheat spelt, Sesame, Oathie, Carrot, and Everything), but sesame was chosen for both of the bagels as it is my favorite. It is great to go there with someone else as you can cut the bagels in half so that you both get a taste of two different ones.

The BLT bagel was very tasty. The bacon was crisp, but not to the extent that it got too dry. The lettuce, tomato, and mayonnaise dressing made the whole bagel more moist and the crunchy pine nuts added a nice roasted nuts flavor to the whole thing. 

Lunch at Bagels and Beans in Rotterdam: sesam bagel BLT bacon, lettuce, tomato, mayonaise dressing, en pijnboompitjes

The other person that I was with got the sesame bagel Japanese style wild salmon with wasabi shavings, cucumber, and lettuce with on the side terriyaki sauce and wasabi mayonaise (€7.95). Both the sauces on the side were not really strong, so you can generously apply it on the salmon. I like how the sauces look on the side, but it isn't really practical as the sauce will leak after you poured it and end up on the saucer, making the bottom of the bagel soggy.

The wild salmon is a bit dry and it has a lightly smoked flavor, while I prefer the salmon to be juicy and sweet. I also miss the kick of the wasabi, but overall, I like the different flavors in this bagel.

Lunch at Bagels and Beans in Rotterdam: sesam bagel wilde zalm Japanse wijze teriyakisaus, wasabimayonaise, wasabisnippers, komkommer, en sla

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