Budget tip: warm meal for €2.50 at the HEMA

Today, I am sharing a money saving tip for students during the last days of the month, people that spend too much during the Christmas holidays, or tourists on a tight budget.

Warm meals for €2.50

At the HEMA department store restaurant in the Beursstraverse, city center of Rotterdam, I saw that from 12:00, you can get a warm meal for just €2.50. You can choose from a plate of pasta bolognese, a plate of stamppot (Dutch style mashed potatoes with a Dutch version of sauerkraut or endive mixed in it) with a large meat ball or half a Dutch sausage called "rookworst", and a plate with three grilled chicken wings and fries. For such a low price, you get a very filling meal.

Budget tip: warm meal for €2.50 at the HEMA - three chicken wings and fries

As you can see, I got the grilled chicken wings with fries on the side. The chicken wings were grilled too long, but the previous time I ate it, the meat was very juicy and the chicken skin was crispy. The food is better when there are many customers, as they need to make more food on the spot instead of taking the food out that has been set aside. So, it is a good sign when you see a large line in front of you at the cash registers or when the restaurant looks crowded.

Late afternoon tea/coffee set

Between 16:00 -18:00 ("het 4-uurtje"), you can also get a large glass of tea (I recommend the English breakfast or the green tea lemon) or a cup of coffee with a small square cake of your choice (carrot cake, apple crumble cake, chocolate cake, or caramel pear cake) for just €1. So, you can get a warm drink, a filling meal, and a dessert for just €3.50.


You can also have breakfast at the HEMA restaurants until 10:00. For €2, you get an omelet baguette, a croissant, strawberry jam, a glass of orange juice, and a cup of coffee (many kinds of coffee varieties) or tea. You can also add fresh fruit, bacon, cheese, or pancakes by paying a small fee extra.

Update: the coffee/tea and cake set called "het 4-uurtje" now costs €2 and warm meals are now from €3.50-€5.  

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