Chinese new year celebration in Rotterdam, the Netherlands

Saturday 6 February, there were Chinese new year festivities in Rotterdam city center. A long dragon and red and gold lions could be seen dancing on the streets. There was also loud fireworks and drums.

Chinese new year celebration in Rotterdam, the Netherlands

At the park on West-Kruiskade, there were several market stalls selling Asian street food, Chinese new year decorations, clothes, candy, and gifts. As entertainment, there were workshops and performances. I bought some street snacks at the Amazing Oriental supermarket stand for just €1 per plate. Although the mini curry fish balls were very tempting too, I got a plate with 6 mini spring rolls and a plate with 3 mini sui mai dumplings. They were a bit tiny, but tasty!

Besides snacking, I also spotted a stand selling all kinds of candies for €2 a bag and €5 for three bags. I picked out the bags that you can see underneath: milk flavor, strawberry milk flavor, and extra strong red bean. 

milk chewy candies: hokkaido milk, red bean, and strawberry

If you missed it, you still have another opportunity as the Chinese new year celebration held in The Hague China town is on Saturday 13 February 2016.

Chinese new year meal

Chinese new year is celebrated very simple at my home, we just have a lavish meal with the family members as most of my family live abroad (and I cannot go to their houses to get red envelopes ^_^).

For dinner, we had:
- a dish with deep fried fish maw, shiitake mushrooms, dried scallops, abalone, dried shrimp
- a whole chicken with grated ginger and spring onions oil on the side
- a dish with celery, shrimp, and squid rolls
- abalone, dried shellfish, chicken soup (not pictured)

As snacks, we had:
- pan-fried radish cakes
- pan-fried red bean buns

Can you believe all these were made from scratch by my mom? I am really thankful that I inherited some of her cooking skills.

Chinese new year meal: chicken, celery, shrimp, squid rolls, fish belly, shitake mushrooms, dried scallops, abalone
pan-fried turnip cakes radish
pan-fried red bean buns

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