HEMA Press day S/S 2016: Beauty

Yesterday, I was invited to the HEMA Press day S/S 2016 and I got to see a lot of new HEMA products. Just like with last year's HEMA Press day, I will divide the blog posts in different categories: Beauty, Baby, Easter, Fashion, Food, Garden & Camping, Gifts, Home Decor, Photo, and Stationery.

As the blog title suggests, I am starting with the new HEMA beauty products. 

HEMA makeup

The HEMA Beauty Blush Stick (€5) will get two new colors: a beautiful coral pink and an orange shade. Those are my favorite blush colors, so I am really curious if they will look good on me. 

The 5 new HEMA long lasting nail polish shades are also totally my style. Cute pastel pink and blue, summery turquoise and coral, and a delicious looking chocolate brown.

HEMA blush stick and long lasting nail polish S/S 2016

The HEMA Soft Matt Lipbalm (€4) will get 4 new additions in nude tones (in the picture: the four brown toned lip balms in the right display). As the new additions seems to be the lip balms without the shiny plastic wrapper and numbering on top of the cap, I also spotted a mystery purple shade on the right of the new additions, which could be new too.

HEMA soft matt lip balm newly added colors

HEMA will also introduce a nude, 5 colour eye shadow palette (€7.50) with the name "be a natural", which is a new addition to the existing 4 eye shadow palettes. In the left of the picture underneath, you can also see a bottle of the HEMA Hello Mirror Guess My Age Facial oil (30 ml, €6.50). It is very affordable for a facial oil. I got one in my goodiebag and I let my mom try it out a bit, when I got home. She says that she likes the scent, that it got absorbed in the skin very quickly, and that it makes her skin feel softer. It already sounds good to me, but I still need to thoroughly test it on my sensitive, allergic-for-everything skin.

HEMA 5 colour eyeshadow palettes and facial oil

HEMA wash bags

Beautiful make-up needs to be stored in beautiful make-up bags and wash bags too. I really like the bags with the black and white geometric patterns and the bright orange zippers. The transparent bag with bright coral liners and a small bag inside looks very cute too. Great to take along to the beach or pool!
For men or women with a more no-nonsense style, there is also an interesting range of black bags. It is available in diverse shapes and sizes, so there must be one that fits your specific needs.   

HEMA wash bags coral transparent geometric print and black
HEMA geometric print cosmetics bag pouch orange zipper and black rectangular bag

The bags with the geometric prints and zipper in contrasting color is also available in a turquoise and white version, but I prefer the black & white and orange version.

The pretty red and pink bottles with heart print are the HEMA Happy Love shower mousse (250 ml, €4), which is already available in the store. I have only tried showers foams from Rituals or Boots, so I have to try one from HEMA one day (aka when I use all the shower gels and foams I have at home and it is a lot!).

On the left of the picture, you can see bottles of the HEMA 3 in 1 micellar cleansing water (250 ml, €2) and on the right, boxes of the HEMA bye bye eye makeup remover lotion wipes (individually wrapped and fragrance free, 20 pieces, €3). 

HEMA turquoise geometric print wash bags happy love shower mousse mecellar cleansing water and eye makeup remover wipes

I have already seen these in the stores, but I still like them so much that I want to share it on my blog. HEMA has created tissue boxes (3 for €3.75), packs of tissues (not shown, 10 packs with mixed prints for €1) and cotton pads packaging (3 for €3) with a funky print. Besides this black polkadot print, there is also a white smaller dot print and a striped pattern.
 HEMA black dot print tissue box and cotton pads

 HEMA hair accessories

Besides their beautiful, original Dutch design, I also like how HEMA picks up trends and gives their own twist to it, but still keeps a low and affordable price. I haven't received the exact prices yet, but I am sure I just found some affordable alternatives of the Invisi Bobble and Tangle Teezer and in bright neon colors too! 

HEMA dupes of the Invisi Bobble and Tangle Teezer

HEMA nail polish wall

Something also worth mentioning is this big nail polish wall that I found on the HEMA press day. It is like a dream come true for me. I wish I was good enough with acrylic to make one for my own nail polish collection. ^_^

HEMA nail polish wall
HEMA nail polish wall close up

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