HEMA Press day S/S 2016: Easter

On the HEMA Press day S/S 2016, I saw a lot of beautiful Easter products, which will be available from Monday 22 February (If you cannot wait, a part of it is already available online).  

HEMA Easter decorations S/S 2016
Beautiful Easter egg hangers with sugar grains effect. 
One-color ones, 7 for €2 | Pattern ones, not known yet

HEMA colorful baby chicks
The mischievous, furry, mini baby chicks have invaded the press day, just like last year (photobombed every picture that time!). What you can also see in this picture, is a large cupcake holder with Easter print.

HEMA pearl finish egg hangers for paastakken
 Easter egg hangers with colorful pearl finish

HEMA colorful print Easter napkins LED tea lights
 Pastel colored LED tea lights (4 for €1.50), Easter print napkins, table cloths, and wooden decorations

 HEMA wooden Easter decorations
 A close-up of the Easter wooden decorations (set of 8 pieces, €6)

HEMA Easter paper straws bunny bird
 Easter paper straws with birds and bunnies figures attached to them

HEMA Easter crackers egg cup and spoon
 Easter crackers and egg holder with spoon

HEMA Easter candles white yellow bunny
 Easter candles (bunny, baby chick in egg shell, chicken, and egg) in white, yellow, and green.

HEMA gedecoreerde paastakken decorated Easter twigs
 Decorated Easter branches

HEMA pearly hangers bird feather clips paastakken
 Pretty pearl finish Easter egg hangers and glass bird clips with feather tails (2 for €2.50).

HEMA LED crystal colorful flowers light string
 Pretty "crystal" LED flower light string, €3.50 (Last year's butterfly light string was really cute too)

HEMA Easter washi tapes birds chicken bunny
 Easter washi tape with bunnies, birds, and chicken
 HEMA Easter coloring book pink bunny
 Easter coloring book (€1) and pink bunny (€2.50)

HEMA blue bunny Easter stickers silk ribbons
 Blue bunnies (€2.50 each), Easter 3D stickers (€1), and Easter ribbons (love the ribbon with the colorful tulips!)

HEMA Easter string lights birds flower flower round lantarn
 Easter string lights with birds (€5), flowers (€5), or round, turquoise paper lanterns (€6).
Also in the picture, beautiful pillows and a felt chicken basket to collect eggs in

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