HEMA Pressday S/S 2016: Home Decor

I was really curious to find out what kind of new home decor items I would discover on the HEMA Press day S/S 2016. My favorites of last year were the items with the dotted lines print and the round side table (which I bought!) and the year before, I really liked the turquoise and pink items. What I can already reveal is that there won't be a lack of turquoise and pink items. You could already catch a glimpse of some in the garden and camping blog post, but there are still a lot more.

HEMA Spring/Summer 2016 Home Decor pastel candles vases

This year, the HEMA Home Decor items seem to be less about prints and more about textures. From far, most products look normal, but when you get closer, you can see the small details better, such as the rustic finish on the candles and the 3D triangle and bubble finishes on the candles and vases. The main colors are yellow, green tones, pink, white, and blue. 

My favorites are the string light with colorful balls, the turquoise plaid with tassels (not to be mistaken with the fleece blanket), and the candles in glass jars. 

HEMA vases candles textured yellow pink green white blue
HEMA light string candles glass vase
HEMA candles in glass jars plaid yellow pink green blue
HEMA candles glass vases jars green
HEMA pink fleece blanket plaid green candles vases
HEMA pillows pink green
HEMA pillows pink and orange

 Kitchen items

The main colors of the kitchen items are white, blue, and red. There are also some warm coral pink and turquoise items, which blend right in. The collection consists of oven mitts, bowls, cups, plates, dish cloths, cotton aprons with adjustable neck strap, and woven placemats. 

HEMA kitchen items red blue white
HEMA woven placesmats

 Monochrome (black/white)

If you rather want a clean and sleek, black-white interior, you would like the new monochrome interior items from HEMA. It isn't just boring black and white, they also have some grey toned and light beige items. My favorites are the different kinds of storage baskets, the vases, and the battery jars (glass, box shaped vases).

HEMA Spring/Summer 2016 Home Decor monochrome black-white
HEMA candle stick holders vases zig zag polkadot print
HEMA monochrome grey tones white polkadot print vases table light
HEMA black white woven baskets towels
HEMA towels black white monochrome
HEMA baskets black white stars arrows
HEMA battery jars woven placemats towels
 The large, rectangular battery jar (15x20x10 cm) is €10 and the smaller cube shaped battery jar (12x12 cm) is €6.

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