Review: Japanese soft chew milk candies

Last Saturday, I bought these Japanese milk candies at a market stall during the Chinese New Year festivities in Rotterdam. €5 is a bit expensive for 3 small bags of candy, but I really miss the candy I ate in Japan, so it is worth every penny. Moreover, it is still Chinese New Year and it is custom to have a plate or round container filled with sweets at home. I also bought some other sweet snacks at the Amazing Oriental supermarket for that purpose, but I will share that with you in another blog post.

Review: Japanese soft chew milk candies - milk, strawberry, red bean

Milk is the most delicious flavor of the three. It has a very good vanilla and rich milk flavor, similar to the Bunny milk candies that I used to eat as a kid, but this one has more different layers in the flavor. The longer you chew, the more flavors you taste. Although the milk flavor is really rich, it doesn't have the strange aftertaste that you sometimes get when you drink milk. It can be a bit on the sweet side though.

Strawberry is the least interesting of the three for me, as it tastes close to the strawberry candies that I can also get at the local supermarket. If you can look over that, it does have a nice sour strawberry flavor, which is very realistic compared to the artificial flavor of some other strawberry candies that I tried before. It is actually supposed to be a strawberry milk candy, but the milk part cannot really be tasted as the strawberry flavor is the most overpowering.

Red bean is the most unique flavor out of the three. If I wanted to eat some milk candies, I can buy the Bunny milk candies in the Chinese supermarkets and if I wanted to eat some strawberry flavored candies, I can also find plenty of substitutes in the local supermarkets, but buying a red bean flavored candy is a bit more difficult here in the Netherlands.
It has a very rich red bean flavor - they weren't exaggerating when they named it extra strong red bean - but I wish it had a bit more vanilla or sweetness added to it. It tastes as if you are actually chewing on soft, cooked red beans, so you really need to be a total fan of red bean. Otherwise, you might find it too strange.  

Japanese soft chew milk candies - milk, strawberry, and red bean

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