Birthday: sale shopping at Costes and Esprit

For my birthday (note: seriously late blog post), not only did I go out to buy some cakes, I also went shopping with my mom and she allowed me to pick out whatever I wanted. Normally only a boyfriend or husband spoil you this way, so thanks mom!
I think she didn't worry too much about spending a fortune, as I always have trouble finding something I like and what fits me, I don't really like splurging on clothing that I cannot get dirty or get hooked on something without getting a heart attack (I know my clumsy self too well), and there is always sale in the stores around my birthday.


Costes pullover longsleeve wide fluffly pull camel rusty pink

In the large Costes store in Rotterdam, I found this cute, fuzzy, knitted sweater in camel (but I think it looks more like a rusty pink). You could also see me wearing it in the Philips Lumea Advanced IPL device video. I bought it in the size XL, since I like over-sized sweaters. The sleeves are a bit too long for me and the neck line a bit too wide, but it is very warm and soft. I also like the length (halfway my thighs), since I can wear it as a knitted dress. The only flaw is that it sheds very badly. At first, I was very puzzled why there were so many dust like clusters in my room and on my bed. I initially thought it came from my new blanket or from getting something from on top of my closet, which became very dusty. But it really came from the sweater, even washing it a few times, didn't help. The original price was €49,95 and it got discounted to €14.95. It really is a bargain, but you might be up for a disaster if you have a fabric couch.

Costes pullover longsleeve wide fluffly pull camel rusty pink (close-up sleeve)


I walked past the Esprit and I saw that they were having another 20% off from the sales items, so I went in to check it out. Most of the clothing isn't really my style, but there are always one of two items that are exactly what I was looking for. I needed to get a new pair of boots and I came across this pair of black leather boots with a fur lining and anti-slip soles (perfect for the winter!). I don't know if it is because of the thick fur lining, but I needed to size up one size. Other than that, I really like the buckles and I can walk comfortably in them. In the beginning, the shoes may feel a bit hard, but walking in them for a few minutes, fixed it immediately. The original price is €89.99 and it got discounted to €31.99.

Esprit Jada bootie black leather boots with belts fur lining

I also found these wardrobe essentials that works with almost everything. You can just wear a sweater on top, add a scarf, or wear a knitted vest or zip hoodie with it, and you get a new outfit. It is called the jersey stretch dress with 5 buttons and 3/4 sleeves (in case you want to find it online). It has a skin-tight fit, but wearing it, feels very comfortable and warm. The flowy skirt part, also hides the belly after a big meal. I like it so much that I bought it in two colors: medium grey and navy. The original price was €49.99 each and I got it in the sale for €15.99 each.

Esprit jersey stretch dress (5 buttons and 3/4 sleeves) medium grey and navy

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