A day in Amsterdam (18-2-2016)

Since I traveled to Amsterdam for the HEMA Press day S/S 2016 anyway, I also explored Amsterdam for a day. I had breakfast, went for lunch, and I visited the Chinatown in Amsterdam for the first time. Curious about how that day went?

My day started early at Rotterdam Central Station, where I found a Sultana GoodMorning Drive-Through handing out these Sultana GoodMorning Golden Syrup oatmeal sticks for free. They were crunchy and tasted quite good, just slightly too sweet. It is funny that you needed the break it in the middle yourself to get two separate sticks. It is similar to breaking the disposable chopsticks that you get with takeaway/delivered Chinese food. It is like you need to perform this ritual, before you dig in.  

Sultana good morning golden syrup havermoutsticks

Breakfast at Délifrance

I bought my train tickets at the Spoordeelwinkel and it came with a croissant and a cup of tea/coffee at a Délifrance restaurant. I went to the one located at Damrak 83, Amsterdam. It is very close to the Amsterdam Central Station, so it was really easy to find. The croissant was very big (almost as long as my forearm!) and flaky, but it didn't have a special buttery flavor. As with the tea, I didn't get to choose the flavor I wanted and just got the standard Pickwick English tea blend, but it was nice. I also liked that customers were allowed to freely use the toilet located at the right side of the kitchen in the back of the restaurant.

NS Spoordeelwinkel Delifrance croissant en thee

 Lunch at McDonalds

For lunch, I had a Chicken Sensation meal at the McDonalds. I really like that they added juices to the available drink options. Instead of a soda, you can now choose from Tropicana orange juice, Tropicana cloudy apple juice, Innocent Mango-Passion fruit smoothie, and Innocent Strawberry-Banana smoothie without extra charges. I choose for a bottle of the Innocent Mango-Passion fruit (not in the picture) and it is one of my favorites, next to the Tropicana cloudy apple juice.  

The Chicken sensation burger was nice, as it had lots of refreshing lettuce, red onions, and tomato. The honey-mustard sauce was a bit too sharp for my liking, but it added flavor to the crispy chicken patty (thick piece of chicken and not too dry) that didn't have much taste.

McDonalds Chicken Sensation

After lunch, I walked back in the direction to Amsterdam Central Station and searched for the Chinatown area. I walked along the Geldersekade, which is such a narrow street that you need to walk one after another rather than next to each other. I found a Wah Nam Hong store (quite small compared to the ones in The Hague and Rotterdam) and the Dun Yong store, which I have never visited before. I bought some things at both of these stores and I will share that in another blog post.   

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