Big HEMA Easter chocolate eggs review (15 flavors!)

HEMA will add 4 new flavors to their selection of metallic foil wrapped, mini chocolate Easter eggs, making it a total of 16 different flavors. The new flavors are: dark chocolate mint, extra dark with 72% cacao, white chocolate with a blackberry filling and milk chocolate with caramel and sea salt. I wonder if the latter would taste as good as the Tony's Chocolonely milk chocolate bar with caramel sea salt, but that flavor happened to be the only one that I didn't get in my goodiebag. I will soon go to the nearest HEMA store to get that one, so that this review will be complete.

Big HEMA Easter chocolate eggs review (15 flavors!)

There are two different kinds of HEMA Easter chocolate eggs*: solid chocolate eggs with polka dot wrapper and larger chocolate eggs with filling that have a gold band wrapper.

HEMA paaseieren review hard stippels melk-wit puur extra puur wit melk mokka

1. Blue with yellow dots
Solid chocolate egg with one half white chocolate and the other half milk chocolate. It is a interesting blend of flavors, but I don't really like the milk chocolate part. 

2. Pink with red dots
Solid dark chocolate egg. It has a nice bitter dark chocolate flavor with a bit of a fruity sourness as end note.

3. Dark brown with black dots
Solid dark chocolate egg with 72% cacao. Compared to the previous one, it is more bitter and it doesn't have a sour note. It is also more powdery and you are left with a clean palette. I like this new flavor more than the normal dark chocolate egg.

4. Gold with dark yellow dots
Solid white chocolate egg. It has a nice creamy and buttery flavor and texture. I already tasted this as a half of the first blue with yellow dots chocolate egg and I love it a lot.

5. Blue with dark blue dots
Solid milk chocolate. It is the other half of the first blue with yellow dots chocolate egg and I find it not milky enough (but I could be spoiled by the delicious Tony Chocolonely milk chocolate). It tastes a bit plain.

6. Brown with dark brown dots
Solid mocha chocolate egg. There is a good balance between the coffee and chocolate flavor. Not too sweet or bitter.

HEMA paaseieren review met zachte vulling melk praline melk hazelnoot puur advocaat melk cripsy wit zwarte bes puur mint

7. Pink with gold band
Milk chocolate praline egg. It has a slightly firm praline cream with a hazelnut flavor in the center. It wasn't very special to me.

8. Light green with gold band
Milk chocolate praline egg with a whole hazelnut. It tastes better than the previous one as the hazelnut made it more special. The hazelnut was easy to bite into, crunchy, and not too hard to chew on (the very light and airy kind).

9. Yellow with gold band
Dark chocolate egg with "advocaat" filling. It is a bit hard to explain what "advocaat" is, when you haven't tasted it before. But it is a bit like a thick custard with an alcohol flavor. The sweetness and the sharper/bitter alcohol flavor are well balanced. I also think that the dark chocolate (bitter with some sourness) was a good choice, as it matches well with the two flavors.

10. Turquoise with gold band
Milk chocolate egg with a creamy filling and a few tiny rice crispies. I like that they didn't overdo it with large rice crispies and a whole lot of them. It is tasty, but it is so sweet that taking one is already enough for me.

11. Lila purple with gold band
White chocolate egg with blackberry filling. I like the balance between the sweet white chocolate and the berry filling, which is very fruity and not too sweet or too sour. Just one word: Great!

12. Dark green with gold band
Crispy dark chocolate and mint cream filling. It totally gave me the feeling that I was eating After Eight chocolates. I like it a lot! 

HEMA paaseieren review met zachte vulling chocolade mousse melk butterscotch melk caramel

13. Brown with gold band
Milk chocolate egg with chocolate mousse. The mousse filling isn't airy enough. It is more like a soft chocolate cream, but it does taste better than the praline filling.

14. Yellow with gold band
Milk chocolate egg with butterscotch filling. It is filled with a soft cream with a hint of toffee. I don't think it is too special. I miss a strong brown sugar or butter flavor.

15. Red with gold band
Milk chocolate with caramel filling. The caramel is a creamy paste with a bit of a coconut end note. I prefer the liquid kind of caramel.

What do I think?

My favorites are:  4. white chocolate solid chocolate egg, 11. white chocolate with blackberry filling, and 12. Dark chocolate mint. 

Update: I finally got my hands on a bag of Easter chocolate eggs in caramel seasalt flavor the following year and you can find the review here.

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