Budget Easter snacks from Action, AH, Aldi, and HEMA

It is almost Easter and in this blog post, I will show you some delicious, budget friendly treats that you can serve beautifully on a multi-tiered serving stand like the ones I saw at the HEMA press day. In total, there are 8 items with prices from €0.75 - €3.99.

Red velvet cake, 450 g, €3.89 (Aldi)

It is a red velvet cake with in between a layer of strawberry jelly and white chocolate bavorois (also covered with this), and decorated with white chocolate curls and red velvet cake crumbs. I started to be a fan of red velvet cakes after trying one from Dudok for the first time and I am really curious about how this will taste. You can divide this in 6 equal slices or you could also cut it in 9 smaller squares (with rounded sides). This way, everyone can taste a bit of it and try the other treats too.  

Aldi Prestige Red velvet cake with white chocolate 450 g €3.89 box

Aldi Prestige Red velvet cake with white chocolate 450 g €3.89

La chocolaterie chocolate egg pistachio, 150 g, €1.99 (Action)

I really love pistachio ice cream and the Chocodelice pistachio fondant chocolate egg tasted quite good, so I had high expectations of these chocolate eggs. It comes in an open paper box with pretty prints and wrapped in a transparent bag. The milk chocolate eggs have beautiful green swirls. The milk chocolate exterior tasted good and inside, there is a green pistachio cream filling, which has a bit too strong alcohol flavor. Because of that, I barely taste the pistachio flavor.  

La chocolaterie chocolate egg pistachio 150 g €1.99 Action

 Oreo peanut butter, 154g, €1.39 (Albert Heijn)

I don't hate Oreo cookies, but the cookie is so sweet that I often get nauseous after eating one. That's why I don't eat it that often. I recently made an exception, because they launched the new limited edition flavor, peanut butter, in the Netherlands. The peanut butter flavor isn't as strong as I thought and it tastes similar to a normal Oreo, but with a hint of peanut butter and it is a bit saltier. It didn't make me feel sick after eating one, but it also isn't something I would repurchase. It was only fun trying it out once. 

Oreo peanut butter 154g €1.39 Albert Heijn

Easter cookie*, 100 g, €1.50 (HEMA)

It is a thick and buttery cookie with a good crunch and it is covered with a thick layer of yellow colored white chocolate, milk chocolate stripes, and colorful sprinkles. It can be a bit too overwhelmingly sweet, but that's why you need to break it and share it.

Paasei breekkoek 100 g €1.50 HEMA easter cookie yellow colored white chocolate multicolor sprinkles milk chocolate stripes

 Mini feeststol*, €0.75 (HEMA)

I don't know how you call this in English, but it is like a raisin bread with a sweet almond filling. If you are single and living alone, you might want to get this small feesstol for yourself. But if you have many guests, you can better buy a large one, because the ratio of the amount of almond filling and bread is better when you eat a thick slice.

Mini feeststol €0.75 HEMA

Milsani yoghurt raspberry cheesecake, 500g, €0.95 (Aldi)

It is a smooth (not thick or overly sticky) and creamy yogurt with good raspberry flavor and here and there some buttery cheesecake crust crumbs. It is not too heavy on the stomach. When you scoop some of the pink yogurt in small shot glasses and with a small spoon, it can be a refreshing sweet treat. Add a fresh raspberry on top to make it extra pretty.

Milsani roomyoghurt framboos yogurt raspberry cheesecake 500g €0.95 Aldi

Paasvlaai, 1250g, €3.99 (Aldi) 

This Easter vlaai has a creamy custard filling, dots of buttery and firm whip cream, yellow colored white chocolate curls, and dark chocolate decorations. The white chocolate, whip cream, and custard all have very pronounced flavors and blend well with each other with each bite. The only flaw is the crust that tastes a bit like dry bread. I don't know if it is because it is not freshly made on that day or left in the fridge for too long, but it is not that bad that it ruined the whole pie for me.

Paasvlaai, 1250g, €3.99 Aldi yellow custard yellow milk chocolate curls dark chocolate decorations

AH Oat cookies caramel sea salt, 200g, €1.69 (Albert Heijn)

Also in other flavors: Cranberry, Pecan, Granola, and Original. 

When I couldn't find the HEMA Easter eggs in caramel seasalt flavor in the HEMA store in Rotterdam city centre, I was a bit disappointed. But I found the next best thing, oat cookies with a caramel sea salt flavor. The packaging was so cute that I bought two boxes. Nothing can go wrong with caramel sea salt, right? But sadly, the sparse caramel sea salt chunks had barely any flavor and the sea salt was even less noticeable than the caramel. The oat cookie itself was pretty good though. It is like an old and softened cookie, but the longer I chewed on it, the more I liked it. It feels like I am eating an healthy oat bar.  

AH Oat cookies caramel sea salt 200g €1.69 Albert Heijn

Albert Heijn Oat cookies caramel sea salt

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