Chinese new year cookies from Shiu Heung Yuen

Some time ago, my mom received some souvenirs from a friend: a bag of Chinese new year cookies from Shiu Heung Yuen (紹香園), aka the Walnut shop in Hong Kong. I have eaten these typical Chinese new year snacks, 角仔 Gok jai (dumpling shaped cookies), before, but never ones like these, which are packaged and preservable for such a long time.

savory cookies from Shiu Heung Yuen (紹香園), aka the Walnut shop in Hong Kong

I am also not familiar with the store, Shui Heung Yuen, even though I have went to Hong Kong many times already. After doing some research, I found out that they sell all kinds of nuts and snacks. I think that they started out small with selling walnuts as it is in their English name and in the logo (a squirrel with a walnut). I looked at their store list and the stores I am most likely going to visit during my trip in Hong Kong is: the stores in Central MTR station, Tsim Sha Tsui MTR station, Nathan road 678 (Wing On department store basement), Mong Kok MTR station, and Tung Chung MTR station (close to the Citygate outlets).

We received many different flavors of fried dumplings and fried balls, such as shrimp & pork floss, pork floss, abalone & pork floss, and traditional peanut. In the picture underneath, you can see a fried ball without filling and a fried dumpling with pork floss filling. Pork floss is practically dried pork shredded to thin strands resulting to a cotton ball kind of texture. 

I liked the fried ball the most, as it has a very crunchy exterior which is covered in pork floss. The fried dumpling is a bit dry, but still very crispy. I am very impressed with how well they could keep it so crispy, almost like it has just been fried. I also tried the fried dumpling with shrimp & pork floss and it was very tasty because of the sweet, hard shelled, tiny shrimps.

savory Chinese new year cookies
savory Chinese new year cookies inside

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