HEMA Press day S/S 2016: Baby

I don't think I will turn this blog in a mommy blog any time soon, but everyone around me are starting to have baby's and I am sure I will need to buy lots of baby presents (like this time). It honestly never occurred to me that I could find baby gifts at the HEMA, as I thought they only had basic baby clothing. At the HEMA Press day S/S 2016, I found out that I can buy great baby gifts at the HEMA too.  
 HEMA baby crib with grey and orange details

The baby cot mousse pillow (€9) and blankets have a white-grey-orange color combination. The bright orange details make the grey-white items look less boring, but what caught my eye was the cute, large stuffed animal. After doing some research, I found out that the big rhinoceros (35x40cm) is a Return to sender product, which is handmade by moms in Nepal. It is great to support a great cause and still get a beautiful product in return. The colorful details reminds me a bit of Chanel tweed. It almost makes me want to hold it as a hand bag on the red carpet. ^_^  
 HEMA stuffed animal return to sender

Besides these items, I also discovered some other baby toys and baby fashion items. 

Baby toys 

HEMA baby toys box spiraal
Baby cot spiral toy (€12.95) | doll with long arms (€4.95)

HEMA baby toys bunny mousse owl cat
mousse and bunny with long arms (€7) | owl (€5) | cat ball (€4.95)

HEMA grey dog doll toy
Stuffed dog with plastic ring (€5.95)

HEMA bunny dolls toys
Mousse and bunny ring (€5 each)

Baby fashion

HEMA baby clothing
 Baby pants (€8) & rompers (€4.50)
Also in picture: coral tulle skirt with silver glitter elastic waistband for little girls, €11 
Little boy coat (blue with white-red striped inner), €21
Little girl coat (flower print and coral details)

HEMA baby shoes
 Cute baby shoes for €9 per pair

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