HEMA Press day S/S 2016: Photo services

HEMA has renewed their photo services and claims to have the largest range of photo products. There are 5 different categories: photo books, pictures, wall decorations, photo gifts, and calendars & planners.

Photo books

- pocket photo books
- printed photo books
- photo paper photo books
- trendy photo books with wire binding and designs (such as the block book that I liked at the HEMA press day 2015)


- quick service (pick up after 2 hours, only for sizes 10x15cm and 15x20cm)
- normal pictures (pick up after 3 days, for sizes 10x15cm, 15x20cm, and 20x30cm) 
- mobile prints (print instagram pictures from your mobile device)
- larger size pictures and posters
- stickers (a sheet with 9 or 12 different pictures of the sizes 5x5 cm or 7x7cm)
- magnets (a set of 9 or 12 different pictures of the sizes 5x5 cm or 7x7cm) 

Wall decorations

Printed on canvas, aluminium, Xposer (for professional pictures with HD quality), garden poster material, plastic, wood, or perspex. There is also a customized picture/painting frame making service, which can also be made into a mirror.

Photo gifts

You can make printed linnen bags, coasters, puzzles, caps, pencil cases, mugs, mousepads, placemats, keychains, phone cases, playing cards, t-shirts, drinking bottles, lunchboxes, melamine plates, aprons, a memory game, schoolbags, a clock, and a name plate.    

Calendars & planners

- Month calendar (A3 or A4)
- Kitchen calendar (9x38cm or 13x38cm)
- Year calendar (all days of the year on one large sheet)
- Year planner (book with 29 of your own pictures)

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