Reuse: Etos hand soap bottle

Regularly, you can get the Etos hand soap on sale for just €1 (original price: €1.29). You can choose from the macadamia & pure silk, lotus & aloe vera, antibacterial, sensitive, lavender & vanilla, and scrub. I happened to see it on sale once in the Etos store on Rotterdam Central Station and it was just €1, so I picked up the Etos macadamia & pure silk hand soap. For that price, you get a generous 300 ml bottle of hand soap and a sturdy soap dispenser bottle that you can reuse. The Etos macadamia & pure silk hand soap makes your hands feel very soft after washing your hands with it and it also has a sweet nutty scent with a refreshing end note (you will like this, if you like almond and shea scents in beauty products).

Etos hand soap macadamia & pure silk the body shop almond shower gel

I think this is the first time, I shared a emptied bottle picture on my blog. I hope that there are more to come, because I really want to clear out my room.

In that same picture, you can also see a bottle of The Body Shop almond shower gel, which cannot even be bought in the stores anymore and it is still in the old packaging (how old is it exactly?!). Lately, I was cleaning up my room (very long overdue!) and I found three bottles of The Body Shop shower gels in the flavors almond, passion fruit, and papaya, which I bought in the sale. Sales always makes me want to stock up on my favorite products, but often I just store them away and totally forget about them. I wonder what kind of surprises I will find, when I clear more cabinets. It is like I am getting unexpected presents as a compensation for the hard work of spring cleaning. 

the body shop almond passion fruit papaya shower gels

Since I have too many shower gels that I still need to finish and after finding out that they are not moisturizing enough for my dry skin, I am using them as a hand soap instead. The Etos hand soap bottle is very sturdy and you get a good control on dispensing the right amount without dripping and making a big mess. Peeling off the sticker was a piece of cake too. The transparent bottle makes it nice to showcase shampoo, conditioner, shower gel, or hand soap with beautiful colors. After filling the empty hand soap bottle, I found out that the Body Shop shower gel bottle can also be reused (although the sticker did leave more traces).

reuse Etos hand soap bottle the body shop almond shower gel

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