Review: banila co. Tea Party Earl Grey sheet mask - moisturizing

I keep saying that I am going to use up all the sheet masks that I own, but there never seem to be an end to it and I keep buying more in bulk deals. I think I was the most successful with using up the Lacvert Real Food Recipe sheet masks. Although it took me quite long too, I did use them all and wrote a thorough review on them. With the two boxes of Innisfree sheet masks, which I bought with a 10+10 deal, I was so slow that they released a whole new range of sheet masks and made my reviews useless.

Recently, I found two sheet masks (banila co. Tea Party Earl Grey sheet masks) and they are freebies from my 14th Gmarket order (in 2013!). I think you can still use sheet masks 3-4 years after the production date, so it should still be okay to use it.

banila co. tea party moisturizing earl grey sheet masks

How does it fit on my face?:
When I unfolded the sheet mask, I was surprised by how wide it was. It also has large and wide eye holes, which are unusually wide and rectangular shaped. The mouth area was a bit longer at the corners of the mouth. There was also too much fabric on the sides of the face, practically touching my ears. The sheet mask barely covered my chin, but the nose area was perfect.

The scent: Although I had high expectation from the words "Earl grey", I barely noticed a scent. It does have a generic sheet mask scent and if you focus, you can maybe distinguish a faint tea scent as an end note.

How does it feel on?:
The sheet mask actually burned a bit during the first 5 minutes, but it felt better afterwards. It doesn't feel uncomfortable, such as too heavy or sticky. 

Afterthoughts: It feels very refreshing, as it doesn't leave a heavy or sticky film on skin. It is more on the watery side (not to the extent that it drips, while wearing the sheet mask) than a slimy essence type of sheet mask. It is only a bit sticky by touch in the first few minutes (as in: when you touch your face with a flat hand, the skin sticks to your hand a little bit. I used the two sheet masks daily, so two days in a row. Although the banila co. Tea Party Earl Grey sheet masks were specifically meant for moisturizing, they are not really working. After two days, my skin didn't feel particularly softer or moisturized.

banila co. tea party moisturizing earl grey sheet mask fit shape

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