TK Maxx Rotterdam: Clarks Nettle Ice Black Suede Boots for just €9!

The TK Maxx store had opened in Rotterdam for some time already and lately, I found the time to pay it a visit. For the people who don't know where it is located, the address is Binnenwegplein 27-29 and it is opposite of the Mediamarkt. So when the boys (boyfriends and husbands) go check out electronics and gadgets, you can go treasure hunting at the TK Maxx.

Even though it is quite a large store with the sections: Accessories, Gold Label, Home, Kids, Men, Shoes, Toys, and Women, there weren't that many items that I liked, which made it feel like it didn't had much to offer. With other stores, you normally feel like you want to buy almost everything you see and everything makes your eyes sparkle. Shopping at TK Maxx is a entirely different experience, because most things aren't really my taste or not very special/worth the high price, but if you look careful and long enough, you might find that hidden gem. That is where the pleasure lies. You go there without high expectations, take your time looking around, find something interesting, hope that it is in your size, and proudly go home with a branded item with a highly discounted price.

This is the hidden gem that I found at the TK Maxx store in Rotterdam: a pair of Clarks Nettle Ice Black Suede boots for just €9!

Bought at TK Maxx Rotterdam: Clarks Nettle Ice Black Suede Boots fur for just €9

The original price is €110 (I found it online for €140), the normal "our price" was €64.99, but it got many yellow discount stickers stuck on top of that and when I got there, it was already discounted to €9. You really needed to be lucky, because I only saw three pairs of these boots and only one was in my size. According to the sticker on the boots, the size is European size 39, UK size 7.5 and US size 10, but I think that the UK size is the most correct. The boots are about half a size too big for me, so I need to wear it with thick socks. The boots were made to be worn in the cold winters anyway, so I don't really mind.

I really like that I can wear the boots in two ways: long or with the fur folded down. The sole is also very soft, so walking on them was very comfortable. On the bottom, there is an anti slip sole, so I think it is good enough to even walk on snow. 

Clarks Nettle Ice Black Suede Boots folded fur

Clarks Nettle Ice Black Suede Boots anti slip sole

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