Flying Tiger Rotterdam purchases #2

After my first visit to the Flying Tiger store in Rotterdam, I had bought something again, but I forgot to take pictures, so I might post it another time. This is actually my 3rd time buying something there, but I will call it my 2nd purchases on the blog, since it may get too confusing otherwise.

Flying Tiger my little sweetshop plastic containers scoop

Flying Tiger My little sweetshop, €10

When I saw this in the store, I couldn't resist buying it. The red-white striped pattern looked very cheerful and I also like the little red scoops that you can use to pick up the candy. I think it would be a cute gift for children to play shop with - although you have to be careful that they don't swallow the little scoops. You would also be pretty popular with your colleagues if you leave it on your office desk, filled with different kinds of delicious candies.

Flying Tiger my little sweetshop transparent plastic containers red scoops

Flying Tiger lunch box two layers turquoise green grey elastic band
 Flying Tiger lunchbox, €5

It is a two-layered, turquoise-green lunchbox with white cutlery (spoon, fork, and knife) and a wide grey elastic band. The color of the lunchbox reminds me a bit of the lunch boxes and insulated bottles I saw at the recent HEMA press day. I really like the color, but since this one is for my brother, I would have to get the purple version of this to avoid mix-ups. He is trying to lose weight and this makes it convenient to bring some healthy snacks to work. He could fill one layer with vegetable sticks such as these and put some fruit salad in the other layer.

I really like that the two layers have a separate plastic lid. This would actually also make it suitable for couples going on a picnic together, as each will have their own layer of food and it shouldn't matter that there is only one set of cutlery, as they can lovingly feed each other (or one person eats with the spoon and the other with knife and fork).

Flying Tiger lunch box two layers turquoise green white cutlery

Flying Tiger wine opener sieve black notebookFlying Tiger wine opener (€3), small sieve (€3), and black A5 notebook (€2)

We don't really drink a lot of wine at home, but once, we received a bottle of wine as a gift and we couldn't find our wine opener. It is good to have one standby for special occasions. The cute mustache on the packaging is a funny detail.

I have been drinking a lot of loose green tea lately and cleaning the tea egg is a bit too much hassle and the tea egg is too small for a large pot of tea, so I have been looking for a sieve. I thought it would work for the tea pot I have at home, but it didn't really fit. 

The black notebook is something my brother needed for work. I personally like using cute notebooks, even though I am already a grown up adult.

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