Jumbo chocolate cookies and Pickwick tea

Recently, my brother brought a pack of Jumbo chocolate cookies for me to try out for my blog. I think it is really kind of my big and little brother to buy something for me, when they discover something delicious in the supermarket or other food related stores. My friends and family also started gifting me food related souvenirs. I don't know if it is a good thing as I do get to try out all kinds of yummy food, but trying out everything in all flavors at once is not good for my waist. Like with my HEMA Easter chocolate eggs review and Albert Heijn Chocodelice chocolate eggs review, I needed to respectively eat 15 and 9 chocolate eggs in one day and I think the calories were so many that I probably needed to skip lunch.  

I also received three boxes of tea from Pickwick: original English tea, Double green green tea apple & lemongrass (previous review here), and Forest fruit black tea. I am not sure why all of a sudden, but maybe they wanted to sent it to me, after reading My day in Amsterdam blog post and finding out that I enjoyed the cup of Pickwick English tea. 

Jumbo chocolate cookies and Pickwick tea original english blend blueberry

Coincidentally, the cookies and the tea matched well together. The bitterness of the Pickwick English tea balanced the sweetness of the Jumbo Chocolate cookies and the Pickwick Forest fruit black tea made the similar fruity flavors last longer in the mouth. 

The Jumbo chocolate cookies with white and milk chocolate chunks and bits of cranberry and blueberry are from the Jumbo supermarket brand. They look like handmade cookies with the irregular shapes and every cookie looking different. They are crunchy, buttery cookies with distinct cranberry and blueberry flavors. I don't really taste the chocolate chunks, but they are a nice addition, so that the cookies don't totally taste like a health bar and still a sweet treat.

Jumbo chocolate cookies white and milk chocolate blueberry cranberry

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